Sidewalk Symposium: studying for midterms


Shravya Prahbu, sophomore:

“To prepare for any exam, it’s best to start prepping ahead of time, not just when midterms come around. So, just making sure you’re keeping up with your readings and assignments, and understanding the concepts taught each day.”

Emily Bourgeois, sophomore, English major:

“Starting studying early and not procrastinating. As an English major, most of my midterms are papers. You can’t do an 11-page paper in one night and have it be good.”

Claire Los, first-year, environmental studies major:

“Sleep would help. Knowing how you study best  “” I study best alone and not in big study groups. And lots of tea.”

Alex Gordon, junior, Marketing:

“Time management is big. Preparing in advance “” not waiting “˜till the night before. For me, repetition helps. I rewrite my notes over and over again so that it sticks in my head.

Kit Olderson, sophomore, business analytics and technology major:

“Making sure that you don’t get too stressed out. My dad says, “˜Stress leads to procrastination, procrastination leads to unwanted behavior, and unwanted behavior leads to stress.’ So, if you don’t get into that cycle you won’t end up saying, “˜Why did I do this to myself?'”