Sidewalk Symposium: Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Sidewalk Symposium: Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Emma Power, Pulse reporter February 24, 2022

In recent news, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has led to much chatter and speculation both on Twitter and on major news outlets. According to BBC News, the US has said that over 150,000 Russian troops are...

Where do you see yourself in a decade?

Kayla Padilla November 21, 2019

Photos by Kayla Padilla"I want to work for a political consulting firm, so hopefully, I’ll be doing that in D.C.""I’m gonna be a pediatrician at a small clinic. Hopefully, I have two kids....

Illustration by Julia Poage, staff illustrator

Sidewalk Symposium: What do you recommend doing to celebrate Fiesta?

Gabriella Garriga April 8, 2018

Taylor Moser, senior business and communication major: “Last year I went to NIOSA, and it was really fun and was really expressive of the San Antonio culture. I got to eat traditional food. That...

Sidewalk Symposium: Living on or off campus for seniors?

Sidewalk Symposium: Living on or off campus for seniors?

Gabriella Garriga February 17, 2018

Caleb Barbor, senior finance major, lives in City Vista. “I think City Vista is a good middle ground. When you rent a house, you get more exposed to cooking and things like that, but when you’re...

Sidewalk Symposium: studying for midterms

Sidewalk Symposium: studying for midterms

Madelyn Gaharan October 11, 2017

Shravya Prahbu, sophomore: "To prepare for any exam, it's best to start prepping ahead of time, not just when midterms come around. So, just making sure you're keeping up with your readings and...

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