Eric Fossen

Sidewalk Symposium: Food for Trinity international students in San Antonio

“Where do you go to eat when you’re missing home?”
Ashlyn Gillespie, Pulse Reporter April 22, 2024

Antoniya Deleva First-year finance major From Bulgaria Restaurant: Europa Where do you go out to eat when you're missing home in San Antonio? “There is a restaurant called Restaurant Europa, and...

Jacky Jimenez

Sidewalk Symposium: Favorite classes

Students share their favorite classes they have taken during their time at Trinity
Omar Ratrut, Pulse Reporter April 11, 2024

Jacky Jimenez, senior marketing major What’s your favorite class you've taken at Trinity? “My favorite class that I've taken at Trinity is Sports Marketing and Sponsorship. It is with Professor Rick...

Sophie Radi, senior neuroscience major

Sidewalk Symposium: Whether weather affects us

Students share their thoughts on weather’s effect on their mood and productivity
Omar Ratrut, Pulse Reporter February 1, 2024

Derian Mowen, senior computer science major Do you think the weather can reflect how productive you are? “Absolutely, the weather has a big effect on my productivity as an individual. The cold also...

Looking to the past to prepare for Halloween

As Halloween approaches, students reminisce about their childhood costumes and memories
Omar Ratrut, Pulse Reporter October 27, 2023

Maliena Carelli, junior psychology major and sports management minor What did you look forward to most as a kid during Halloween? “It was probably dressing up, getting the candy, but then also...

Sidewalk Symposium: Autumn activities

As leaves start to fall, students share their fall favorites
Malika Chauhan, Pulse Reporter October 12, 2023

Kaleigh Cansinoon, sophomore sociology major and education minor What is your favorite season and why? “Fall is by far my favorite season. I am so excited to get a break from the heat and start...

Sidewalk Symposium: Autonomous sensory meridian response

Students discuss the stress-relieving benefits of listening to ASMR videos
Omar Ratrut, Pulse Reporter September 28, 2023

The Trinitonian asked students around Coates Library about the stress-relieving benefits of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos. Nina Pollak Sophomore international studies and international...

Sidewalk Symposium: Student Fashion

Students share their fashion philosophies outside the Elizabeth Huth Coates Library
Omar Ratrut, Pulse Reporter September 17, 2023

Lucia Ridlen, sophomore philosophy and economics double-major What’s your overall aesthetic? “I don’t really consider myself to have an aesthetic. It really depends on what I’m feeling day-to-day....

Danna Ramirez Jimenez

Sidewalk Symposium: Faculty fashion

Students weigh in on their professor’s fashion choices ... or lack thereof
Catherine Zarr, Pulse Editor September 15, 2023

Mahira Nooruddin, first-year biology major How do you define fashion? “It’s the appearance that you put out and it kind of matches your persona, and it helps define who you are to people that...

Sidewalk Symposium: Coates chaos

Students share their opinions on the new ordering systems in the Coates Student Center.
Omar Ratrut, Pulse Reporter September 7, 2023

With the new dining change from Aramark to Chartwells, many aspects of the Coates Student Center dining experience have changed. The implementation of touch-screen technology aims to increase efficiency,...

Sidewalk Symposium: Summer internships

Students share their summer internship experiences and key takeaways
Malika Chauhan, Pulse Reporter August 31, 2023

As the semester kicks off, students are eager and excited to be back on campus. Many new and returning faces are adjusting back to university life after different experiences over the summer. Inside Coates...

Cassidy Maclean, sophomore, attended Swifts show in Houston.

Sidewalk Symposium: A not so Cruel Summer

Students share the impact Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour made on their summer.
Omar Ratrut, Pulse Reporter August 31, 2023

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour made its monumental debut in March 2023. The landmark performance commemorating each of Swift’s 10 albums or “eras” amassed a historic audience that took pop culture by...

Sidewalk Symposium — Senior Spotlight

Alejandra Gerlach, Managing Editor April 27, 2023

As the school year draws to a close and students begin preparing for summer plans, the Class of 2023 is looking forward to entering the world diplomas in hand. The Trinitonian asked senior students around...

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