Enter if you dare


On a dark and stormy night, the Trinitonian staff gathered to write about all things creepy and spooky on Trinity’s campus. Outside the newsroom walls, students turned into the walking dead from midterms and had their will to live drained by vampiric-papers. Unwashed students sulked around campus like the Wolf Man and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Chairs sat empty in classrooms as if the students had been abducted by aliens.

Inside the newsroom copy editors traded stories with news reporters, opinion columnists swapped tales with illustrators and news reporters spun a yarn with the Director of Digital Presence. They told each other stories of orphans and widows wandering around on abandoned pages, stories of students stepping on the Trinity seal and never graduating and stories about the ghosts of past editors that still haunt the dungeon under Student Involvement.

From these scary stories, the Halloween special section came to be. They collected stories from Trinity students who choose to not participate in Halloween festivities, a preview of the theater department’s production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” a quick and easy guide for last-minute costume ideas and a reflection on what it is like studying abroad during the spookiest of holidays.

If you are brave enough, dear reader, you can use this special section as your guide as you dodge ghouls and goblins this Oct. 31. If you’re looking for what to do for the holiday, read on. If you’re looking for what to wear to scare your friends, read on. However, I must warn you this special section is not for the faint of heart. So, enter if you dare.

Alexandra Uri,

Managing Editor