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What food are you according to your sign?

Photo credit: Ren Rader

Illustrations by Ren Rader

Aries: Biryani

Set your tongue on fire, fire sign. A spicy person like you needs to fill your stomach with the spices that make this dish the favorite of South Asians everywhere.

Taurus: Caviar

You act pricey, but it’s never with bad intention. You have an affinity for the finer things in life, but it doesn’t have to a bad thing! Just try not to brag too much about your bougie spending choices.

Gemini: Pancakes with berries and syrup

You’re a perfectionist, Gemini. You either go overboard or you don’t present yourself with anything at all. You know what people want and you always deliver.

Cancer: Veggie Burger

It takes a while and many trials to get people to warm up to you, but once they do, they’re loyal for life. You’re good for people, Cancer, but you don’t do it in a pushy way.

Leo: Instagram Milkshake

You’re showy and you love the compliments. It’s not bad to be the center of attention, especially when you look as good as you do. You’ve been a well-loved classic before, but now you’re back and proving to the world that you’ve always been just as good.

Virgo: Arroz con Leche

You’re subtle, and you surprise people by being not what they expected. Filling, carby and creamy, you’re everyone’s comfort classic.

Libra: Spanakopita

You appear uptight, but you’re secretly wild. Spanakopita is similarly as deceptive, with a spinach filling that makes you almost believe in the health benefits. People are wary of you, but your real friends always know who you are.

Scorpio: Green Curry

Your lowest spice level is a 3 at all times, and it shows, Scorpio. Stop over-spicing yourself to prove your toughness, and enjoy yourself at your own comfort level.

Sagittarius: Kebab

People can put you in any situation and you always know how to act. You’re quick to think on your feet and have the ability to blend into your surroundings. You’re never without a carby accompaniment, and you make sure they get the recognition they deserve, as well.

Capricorn: Orange Chicken

You’re a timeless classic, you barely change and yet are able to conform to be with the times. Be it Orange Chicken or Orange Chick’n, people always remember you at the end of the day.

Aquarius: Ethiopian platter

Typical of an air sign, you’re different from the rest, and you’re always open to trying new things. You stray from the norm and are totally accepting of a no-utensils type of dish. You crave being full, but you get bored of the same-old and want a variety of options to keep you from getting bored.

Pisces: Pho

You’re like a bowl of Pho, add whatever toppings and you’re always able to accommodate. Your sensitive nature makes it easier for all your friends to depend on you, and you enjoy it too, especially for the cold winters.

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