News brief: Classes cancelled


Kate Nuelle

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Virtual and in-person classes have been cancelled through Thursday, Feb. 18 due to winter storm conditions.

Tess Coody-Anders, vice president for Strategic Communications and Marketing, made the announcement to students, faculty, and staff in an email on Tuesday morning. Campus building closures will continue, with residence halls and Mabee Dining Hall remaining open for on-campus students.

“Residential Life staff, TUPD, Dining Services and Facilities team members continue to work around the clock to support and care for our students living on campus,” wrote Coody-Anders in the email announcement.

Power and utilities have remained intact in residence halls. However, 222 City Vista residents have been “uniquely impacted” by the weather conditions, according to Coody-Anders.
“Six units experienced water damage from broken sprinklers, and as a result the entire building is without water for at least the next 48 hours — though electricity remains intact. These students have been offered alternative accommodations at a nearby hotel, and access to the Bell Center for bathrooms and showers in the interim,” wrote Coody-Anders.

The university’s decision to cancel classes was due to the continued road closures, power outages, and internet inaccessibility across the southern states caused by inclement weather. Such outages hinder student and faculty ability to access TLearn and Zoom, both of which have become fundamental components of virtual learning.

“Continue to exercise caution as you navigate campus, and avoid any unnecessary travel. Keep your mobile devices charged as much as possible,” wrote Coody-Anders.

A decision regarding Friday’s classes will be announced as early as possible on Thursday, according to Coody-Anders.