Everything you need to know about Trinity’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution

This article is part of the Trinitonian’s coverage of Trinity University’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution. This post will be updated as we continue reporting.

In February, Trinity was approved as a distribution site for COVID-19 vaccines via Metro Health. Now, the university is rolling out vaccines for students, faculty and staff who make appointments online. From February until now, we’ll revisit the university’s COVID-19 vaccine timeline in 2021.

March 26, 2021

Vice president for Strategic Communications and Marketing Tess Coody-Anders sent out a campus-wide email with a status update on vaccine rollouts. The email stated that the university was waiting for the state of Texas to allocate vaccines to the university, citing the prioritizing of mass vaccination hubs as the reasoning behind the pending allocations.

“In the meantime, and especially now that all adults 16+ are eligible, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the first opportunity available to you. As such, I share here some of the places where you may be able to receive a vaccination sooner than later,” wrote Coody-Anders.

Coody-Anders linked sites such as the City of San Antonio Vaccination Clinic and University Health System Vaccination Clinics. Besides waiting for appointments to open up online, Coody-Anders also offered a volunteering alternative. “One way to consider expediting your ability to be vaccinated is to volunteer at the city’s vaccination hub.”

In her closing paragraph, Coody-Anders stated that as of her email, the administration did not know whether they would require the COVID-19 vaccine for faculty, staff and students who wish to be on campus in the fall.

April 01, 2021

Coody-Anders sent a follow-up email to the community with an update on vaccine allocations.

“We recently received notification that we will receive 800 first-doses of the Pfizer vaccine! While this allotment does not allow us to vaccinate every member of the Trinity community immediately, it is a wonderful start.”

For now, Trinity students, faculty and staff who are 16+ are eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine; a second appointment will be made at the time of their first appointment. Family members and dependents of faculty, staff, emeriti and retirees will be eligible for the vaccine in later allocations. Coody-Anders also added that they are not allowed to vaccinate “contractors or individuals employed by vendors.”

Those who have booked appointments are encouraged to wear a short-sleeved shirt and bring the following to the appointment: insurance card if they have one, Trinity ID, official ID, and a filled out consent form.

If someone has had COVID-19, they are encouraged to get the vaccine once they are fully recovered. “A past infection with COVID is believed to provide immunity for no longer than 90 days post-recovery,” Coody-Anders wrote.

If someone has had reactions to a vaccine in the past, they should contact the COVID-19 Clinic at 210-999-8235 once they have confirmed their vaccine appointment. For any other questions, contact [email protected].

“While receiving a vaccine at Trinity is fully voluntary, we strongly encourage everyone to consider becoming vaccinated, as this will decrease risk to our entire community and assure a return to more “normal” activities and operations for Fall 2021,” wrote Coody-Anders.

April 08, 2021
Coody-Anders reminded the community via email that there are 50 remaining slots for the Pfizer vaccine and provided an update for those who’ve had their first vaccine elsewhere.

“Those who have received a first dose of the Pfizer vaccine three weeks ago or longer at another location may receive their second dose on campus this week, if you believe you will be unable to obtain your second dose at your original vaccination site or day/time.”

For now, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to sign up for vaccination appointments whenever and wherever they can. The university is expecting to receive more vaccines in the coming weeks.

“We expect to receive additional doses of either the Pfizer or J&J vaccines in future weeks, and will let you know more as those clinics are scheduled,” Coody-Anders wrote.