Talking to TigerTV: Filming from home

From news to the “Not So Late Show,” TigerTV has no shortage of new content every week

TigerTv is remote this semester so here are pictures of students personal set up

TigerTV is a campus organization that allows students to produce and star in various segments, including news and comedy. Throughout the pandemic, there have been various changes to roles and responsibilities, as well as functions.

Senior English and communication major and Package Director for TigerTV, Daniella Jahn, describes the transition as allowing members to have more freedom and personal creativity.

“The biggest change in the job is we went remote,” Jahn said.

Due to the pandemic, the organization has been forced to go fully remote, meaning that students must film on their own, somewhere outside of the studio.

“I have found that filming on my own takes more time, but I don’t mind it because it’s honing my own filming and editing skills,” Jahn said.

TigerTV continues to put on their regular content, despite the challenges of being remote.

“We produce three television shows a week: The Not-So-Late-Show, Studio 21, and Newswave,” Jahn said. “Some of us work directly with the shows, other people manage stuff like the social media, our YouTube, our public access channel and websites.”

In order to put on the shows, there are various positions and distributed responsibilities that have to come together. Kailey Lopez, senior communication major, explains the functions of each show, as well as the position she holds in TigerTV.

“Our news show is Newswave, and they do everything from Trinity news from national news, as well as sports and entertainment,” Lopez said. “Then we have Studio 21, which is our pop culture show, and they’ll give an update about what’s going on in the world of entertainment; also, half of the show is devoted to a performer, so there’s a lot of really cool talent that’s able to be seen on that show.”

The final show, titled the Not So Late Show, is described by Lopez as a “Jimmy Fallon type” talk show, but occurring during the day.

“That one is a lot of fun skits and is one of my favorite shows just because it’s a really nice break from the day, and you get to enjoy some really cool, Trinity made content,” Lopez said.

Lopez holds the Station Manager position.

“I oversee our team of managers, and we have 11,” said Lopez. “As well, I oversee our external relationships.”

In order to get to such a position with TigerTV, Lopez had to start as a first year student in order to gain the experience required.

“Ever since I stepped on campus as a first year student I’ve been in TigerTV and have not left since,” said Lopez. “We have internship opportunities, employment opportunities, or anyone can volunteer if they just want to do it for fun, or take it for class credit.”

In addition to the manager positions, TigerTV also offers producer and editor positions.

Allison Carr, senior communication major, describes her time with TigerTV and the various positions that she has held.

“I’ve worked my way through a lot of the positions we have on TigerTV,” Carr said. “I was a field reporter when I first started out, and then I moved onto management as production manager, and I’ve done a bunch of other side jobs: I’ve done behind the camera work, I’ve been Floor Manager, and a lot of different positions that we have in the studio.”

During her last semester at Trinity, Carr has served as the Executive Producer for Newswave.

“As the Executive Producer, I’m essentially in charge of the overall look and feel of the news cast, as well as sourcing the stories and content for the show every week,” said Carr. “I assign the reporters their stories every week and basically put the graphics together to make it look like a thirty minute newscast.”

Although the pandemic has changed the fundamental structure of TigerTV, the organization has found various ways to continue their work and produce content.

“I am so thankful for the experience and all of the wonderful people I have met through TigerTV,” said Jahn. “TigerTV is an amazing and low-stress environment to learn on-camera and off-camera skills while having fun, it is truly one of the hidden gems of Trinity.”