Sidewalk Symposium: How do you feel about TU Snaps?

Student opinions on the campus-wide snapchat story

Maggie Karim, sophomore biochemistry major
“It’s a lot, I guess. There’s just a lot going on with it. Some of it’s interesting, some of it’s, like, questionable. It’s been very varied content.”

Alan McGuire, sophomore international business major
“It’s kind of weird. It’s just kind of weird, but at times it’s helpful. Like, I sold someone my textbook through it. A textbook that was just lying around my house, an extra 40 bucks right there, that was just sitting there. I don’t know, I see good use in it but also it being anonymous, it’s kind of weird. Whoever runs it just has so much sensitive information.”

Sam Cole, junior accounting major
“I think it’s a good time passer. If I ever think about looking at it, I assume something will be on there, so when I’m bored it’s like, ‘well let’s see what people decided to post today.’”

Still Sam: “I don’t read most of that stuff, especially when it’s like a full page of text, I just tap through it.”

Bridget Susman, junior environmental studies major
“I don’t look at it all the time. I forget about it and then I’m like, ‘Oh I’ll look at it,’ but most of the time I don’t read the stuff on there.”

Zoe Flores, first-year, political science major
“It’s been very controversial lately. There’s been a lot going on, but I like when they post pictures of cats.”