Getting prepared for the future with CELCS

The Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success (CELCS) offers many resources for all students

Most college students have the same question hanging over their heads: what comes next? Some may have a detailed outline of what their post-Trinity life might look like, while others may have no clue. Fortunately, no matter what a student may know about their future plans, the Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success (CELCS) is there to help answer those questions.

“Whether you’re seeking an internship, looking for a job, researching careers, or applying to graduate school CELCS offers the guidance, resources, and tools for success,” says the CELCS webpage.

Every student, from first-years to seniors, is able to take advantage of the CELCS. They offer assistance for any stage of a student’s journey. Audrey Van Meir, a sophomore geoscience major, was trying to add relevant experiences to her CV when she reached out to CELCS.

“I was just looking for help with my resume and also applying for some internships. [CELCS] was very helpful,” Van Meir said.

Senior psychology major Victoria Bell, a graduating senior, was looking towards her future when she went to CELCS.

“I’m about to graduate, so I’m looking for jobs. But, I didn’t really know where the first place was to start. I wanted assurance that it was going in the right direction. Might as well take full advantage of [CELCS],” Bell said.

To make an appointment with CELCS, visit Handshake and click the ‘Career Center’ tab. The website will give choices as to what category — such as arts, business or exploration — a student is interested or majoring in so that students can be placed in contact with a CELCS adviser equipped to advise in specific categories. After choosing a category, the website will direct the student to choose an appointment type, such as career exploration, resume review or internship search.

Both Van Meir and Bell utilized this method in setting up their appointments with CELCS.

“I booked an appointment on Handshake. I would recommend going at least once to talk to them … They would be able to help,” Van Meir said.

In addition to all of the direct services that CELCS provides to students, the center also facilitates Career fairs. These career fair announcements can be found in Tmail, the LeeRoy newsletter or on Handshake.

CELCS is a resource for all Trinity students, and at some point or another, almost all students could use the help of a resource that provides this wide array of services. Although the prospect of the rapidly approaching future may seem daunting, it is important to know that Trinity has its own service to ease students’ worries.

More information about CELCS can be found here.
More information on Handshake can be found here.