A look into Tiger TV

Newswave and Studio 21 provide students with student-created entertainment

There are many media outlets available for students to enjoy at Trinity, and TigerTV offers a few different options for students to view content, including Newswave and Studio 21. The Trinitonian sat down with the executive producers of these programs to get a better understanding of both Newswave and Studio 21.

Runyu Li, senior communication major, is the executive producer and director for Studio 21, Trinity’s entertainment news reports program.

“We include some pop culture news […] and another big portion of our show is the performing arts performances, which mainly comprise of on-campus performers,” Li said.

Li, along with the show’s assistant producers and production team, works hard to make the show. In addition to running a live show to air, the team does more behind-the-scenes work like producing graphics.

“We are looking for on-campus artists. So whoever has talents, it doesn’t have to be super professional, and if they want to show themselves, Studio 21 is definitely the place to go,” Li said.

To check out Studio 21, the show airs from 5 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. every Tuesday on the TigerTV Network and is also available through Youtube and Vimeo.

Newswave, Trinity’s news show, is led by its executive producer, senior communication major Devan Karp. Karp plays many roles in the production of Newswave as executive producer. In this role, Karp explained that he trains the talent, organizes the stories presented and leads the team.

“At Newswave, we are a completely student-run program […] aimed at developing a relationship among students and news media. While a lot of news out there is aimed at older people, Newswave is created specifically for the college students at Trinity,” Karp said.

Newswave airs on the Trinity Network every Friday from 3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and can also be viewed on YouTube.

At both Newswave and Studio 21, Karp and Li are open to students who are interested in being a part of the productions of their shows.

“Newswave is an educational opportunity, meaning you don’t have to have any experience to come participate and learn more about the craft,” Karp said. Similarly, Li said that Studio 21 “welcomes [people] of all skill levels in media because you can gain experience with us.”

Studio 21 and Newswave are student-run programs that have Trinity students producing content with other Trinity students as their targeted audience, something no other media outlet is doing.

As Karp said, “We produce a show that is created by and for Trinity students! […] You can access our show on the Tiger network.”