A Guide to Fall 2022 Housing Applications

How to navigate the on-campus housing application process

While it can be daunting, there are steps below breaking down the Fall housing process. From applying for housing, finding roommates/suitemates, to which dorms will be housing for which year, this guide will help you through the process.

According to a Residential Life email sent to the student body on March 2, housing applications on the Trinity Housing Portal open at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, March 30. They will stay open for a week and will close at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, April 6. It is important to remember to file during this period; otherwise, participation in the roommate selection process will no longer be an option.

Step 1: Apply for housing

This includes the reviewing and signing of the Housing License Agreement as well as the completion of application questions. It is the first step because it allows for people to match with roommates. If someone does not complete the housing application, then they cannot select or be selected by their roommates or suitemates. A person who does not have a preferred roommate still needs to apply for housing.

Step 2: Select Roommates/Suitemates in Housing Portal

All roommates and suitemates must select one another in order to be placed in the same suite. As noted in the email sent by Residential Life on March 18, rooms will be selected in order of full suites first, then full rooms (students with matched roommates, meaning there are students that have selected one another to room together, but no suitemates), than by individuals, which means people who have not had a selected roommate or have chosen a single room.
On the housing portal, there is an option to search for potential roommates based on the housing questions. If there is a suitable match found, then a request can be sent and either accepted or denied by the recipient.

Step 3: Select a Room

Room selection is from April 11-29, and the time slot for selection will be posted on the housing portal the day before selection. This time slot is random and computer-generated. More details can be found in the Room Selection Fall 2022 Google Docs folder, found in the Residential Life email sent on March 18. This folder includes fall pricing guides, floor plans by building, frequently asked questions, and room selection guides.

Juniors, and then seniors, will be given priority in choosing suites and rooms on the main campus and City Vista. Priority of suite/room choosing will be given to those who have matched with a full suite, then those who have matched a room and finally individuals.

Next semester, some of the halls will house different years than they do now…

According to Residential Life Housing Assignment Coordinator Broc Dumler, “Rising sophomores will be able to choose from Prassel, Thomas, Murchison and Calvert. Rising juniors and seniors will be able to choose from Lightner, North, South, Susanna, Isabel, Myrtle and, as of now, City Vista will be an option for next year.”

As announced in the March 22 LeeRoy, City Vista will be available for Junior and Senior housing options. In a letter by Director of Residential Life, Brett Biance, said “Our hope is that this allows our rising juniors and seniors some comfort in knowing additional housing options will be available for fall 2022.”

Having Trouble Selecting A Roommate/Suitemate?

There have already been a couple of mixers. However, for those looking for another opportunity to meet potential roommates or suitemates, there will also be a Zoom option on April 24. Dumler recommends that any student having trouble selecting a roommate or suitemates should attend these mixers.

In addition to the mixers, on the housing portal itself, there is a way to search for roommates based on application answers students have filled out. If a suitable match is found, a request can be sent and either accepted or denied by the recipient.

New Gender-Neutral Housing Policy

The fall 2023 semester will be the first semester in which the Gender Neutral Housing Policy will be in effect. According to the text of the policy itself, this “allows students to select a roommate and suitemates based upon compatibility, without the current constraints of only having access to select roommates of the same assigned sex.” The policy can be found on the school policy page and is linked in the Residential Life email sent on March 18.

For any additional information on the Roommate and Housing Application process, virtual information sessions regarding housing will be held for rising sophomores on Monday, March 28 at 6 p.m. and Tuesday, March 29 at 5 p.m. and for rising upper-division students on Friday, March 25 at 3 p.m.