Trinity University introduces new Gender Neutral Housing Policy


Kate Nuelle

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Trinity University has finalized its decision to allow for gender-neutral housing for sophomores, juniors and seniors on campus. According to the Gender Neutral Housing Policy’s description released by Trinity’s Residential Life Administration, their main objective has continuously been to support and provide a strong sense of comfort and belonging for students.

Through the newly established Gender Neutral Housing Policy (GNHP), students from all gender identities and backgrounds are able to select any roommate or suitemate based purely on preference, regardless of their gender, sex or sexuality.

However, incoming first-year students are categorized by their gender identity as stated in their initial applications and then are placed in rooms with roommates and suitemates. In order to avoid conflict and controversy, specific questions are asked in a questionnaire for first-year students such as their preferred studying, sleeping and room usage habits. If necessary, first-year students are welcome to include any special housing needs on their initial online application and are also free to speak directly to any members of the Residential Life team here at Trinity.

This policy has no impact on students who still choose to room with peers of the same gender. Rather, this policy is meant to welcome students with different preferences and allow a space for students to feel most at home and at peace.

In the final messages of the GNHP’s report, Trinity’s Residential Life team said they hope for positive results from this new policy and anticipate possible changes with the policy in the next few years if needed to improve the livelihood and community for students.