TDC’s week of diversity events fosters belonging on campus

Participants reflect on the impact of a week dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion

As the semester slowly comes to an end with finals right around the corner, Trinity’s Diversity Connection (TDC) hosted events with different organizations in order to help students enjoy the last few weeks on campus. During the week of April 4 through April 8, TDC planned a week full of creative and interactive events that highlighted diversity, inclusion, empowerment and equity for students and faculty to attend.

TDC kicked off the week in the Fiesta Room on Monday, April 4, where students gathered to decorate free denim tote bags and explore the differences in identity and intersectionality. Paint, pins and tote bags were distributed for students to personalize.

Sophomore Mason Fraser, an attendee, felt a sense of relief and calmness after this event.

“It was so nice and relaxing, especially because it was in the middle of a crazy test day for me. It was nice to sit with my friends and laugh and relax a little. It was definitely the highlight of my day,” Fraser said.

On Tuesday, April 5, coloring books were distributed at the Miller Fountain to students as a way to promote relaxation and shed a light on mental health awareness. In addition to the coloring books, TDC gave effective tips on how one can take better care of oneself and handed out other free self-care goodies.

To celebrate women, the Women’s Appreciation and Empowerment event on Wednesday, April 6 highlighted women who make a difference in the world. Influential women in history were represented from different fields such as STEM, women’s rights, entrepreneurship and health. Students and faculty hosted the event, distributing “girl-power” stickers, Vietnamese buns and skincare products from locally sourced women-owned businesses.

Several diversity organizations worked together on Thursday, April 7 for an afternoon of fun activities, games and opportunities to win free prizes. This collaboration of diversity organizations presented a field day, featuring members not only from the TDC but the South Asian Student Association, Chinese Language & Culture Association, Japanese Culture Club, PRIDE, Trinity University Latino Association and Black Student Union.

At the end of the week, TDC and the Student Programming Board (SPB) hosted an event called Taste of Diversity, which allowed people to explore various cuisines from various cultures. Attendees got to try foods ranging from Korean corn dogs, to mochi donuts, to empanadas, bao buns and more.

Julie Bondy, a junior and TDC member, played a big role in planning and helping organize these events.
Bondy said, “The Taste of Diversity event had the biggest turnout and can be considered one of our most popular events. More than 165 people signed up for the event, but we only bought food for 150 participants, so we had to tell some people to come back at the end of the event. In the end, we were able to hand out all our giveaway bags and most of the food brought in from local businesses from around San Antonio.”

A participant from Taste of Diversity, sophomore Jade Gonzalez, had a very rewarding and exciting experience.

“I loved the Taste of Diversity. It was such a great experience to be able to try foods I never had before from so many different cultures all at one event,” Gonzalez said.

Bondy also shared that the Diversity Week on campus created a stronger sense of community, because the events allowed for students to engage with people they may not always get the chance to interact with.

“The high participation amongst all the events really supports TDC’s mission and brings hope to me that open-mindedness and acceptance of all people regardless of their race, sexuality, other aspects of identity, culture, etc. can happen in a world with so much pressure on what is considered ‘right,’” Bondy said.