Sidewalk Symposium: What was your favorite movie or TV show this summer?

Trinity students share their favorite TV shows and movies from their summer 2022 watchlist

Busy lives filled with stressful schedules and looming deadlines narrate much of the school year at Trinity.

32 weeks a year are completely dedicated to attending class and doing homework. However, the remaining 20 weeks, summer break in particular, slow down quite a bit. Whether students are working, traveling, or even studying, there is more time to relax and indulge in stories on a screen.

The Trinitonian spoke with students at Coates Student Center to get an idea of what people loved watching most this summer.

Joseph Miller Senior Marketing Major (Claire Sammons)

Joseph Miller, senior marketing major

“Breaking Bad.”

Why was it your favorite?

“It might be one of the best shows, just in general.”

Do you recommend it to others?

“100%. My roommate didn’t want to watch it for the longest time and then we convinced him to watch it and we watched all of it.”

Madison Gonzales Sophomore Human Resource Management Major (Claire Sammons)

Madison Gonzales, sophomore human resource management major

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Why was it your favorite?

“I like how all the characters interact with each other and they’re all different but yet when paired together when they’re working on either cases, or just trying to fix problems in the workplace, they all can make the show really funny.”

Lucas Riley Senior Engineering Major (Claire Sammons)

Lucas Riley, senior engineering major

“I liked the Bullet Train movie, that was good.”

Why was it your favorite?

“I like Brad Pitt a lot, he’s one of my favorite actors. That’s pretty much the entirety of the reason I like it.”

Do you recommend it to others?

“Yeah, I would recommend it. Probably wait until it comes out on streaming, though.”

Hillary Solomon Sophomore Communications Major (Claire Sammons)

Hillary Solomon, sophomore communications major

“Our Flag Means Death, it was so good. I am very glad that it’s being renewed for multiple seasons.”

Who was your favorite character?

“I really loved Jim. I just loved everything about them.”

Why was it your favorite show?

“It was nice to not be queerbaited, it was refreshing. I love watching stuff about pirates. I had taken a pirates class here at Trinity and to have that and be able to watch it over the summer was great.”

Nina Pollak First Year Political Science and Art Major (Claire Sammons)

Nina Pollak, freshman political science and art double major

“My teammates and I just had a movie night and we watched Pitch Perfect, and that was pretty good.”

Why was it your favorite?

“I think since I’m new and I’ve been getting to know all my teammates it was more about the experience of us all getting together. It was our first movie night we did together and now we’re starting to do it more routinely. So for our freshman class, it was fun.”

Johnathan Newman Junior Engineering Science Major (Claire Sammons)

Jonathan Newman, junior engineering science major

“Better Call Saul. It’s the prequel to Breaking Bad, and I’m actually on season six right now, so I’m still in it. It’s pretty good.”

Why was it your favorite?

“Breaking Bad was my favorite, so just seeing [the leadup] to how they meet and just delving more into the character about Saul, that’s what I like.”