Shifting to thrifting

Thrift stores in San Antonio captivate the public to enjoy thrifting, while being environmentally friendly

Thrifting has become a trend among many individuals in the past few years, especially those in younger generations. The vintage, affordable, aesthetic and second-hand use appeal of the practice has led people to thrift their hearts out and find unique clothing items different from the rest.

The benefits of thrifting are endless, but include affordability, the reduction of waste and the creation of a one-of-a-kind style. Thrifting also supports communities, because thrift shop revenue benefits a small business, non-profit or other organization instead of stockholders. Many thrift stores even allow customers to sell their clothes in exchange for store credit or cash.

Some of the most popular thrift stores among youth, not only in San Antonio but in the greater Texas area, are Texas Thrift, Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange and Salvation Army. These thrift stores have very expansive interiors with a variety of clothing items, household decorations and other accessories.

Buffalo Thrift, located near campus on Olmos Drive, is a popular thrift pick for Trinity students. (Samuel Damon)

Thrifting is like a treasure hunt and can be a total hit or miss. Usually it takes some time to sift through all the different racks, but it can be worth it in the end. Another popular thrift store in San Antonio that benefits the community is Boysville Auxiliary Thrift Shop. This thrift store donates their profits to the Boysville home, a charity which provides aid for the mental, social and physical well-being of children and youth in need. Boysville Thrift has a range of vintage clothing items, accessories and more that are extremely affordable.

Flea markets in San Antonio have also been on the rise in recent years due to the growth of farmers markets and other outdoor markets in the city. A couple of the most popular flea markets in San Antonio are Bussey’s Flea Market and Traders Village. Traders Village flea market is situated in a big arena that includes amusement rides, all sorts of shopping, live music and other themed attractions and events.

Trinity students seem to agree that Texas Thrift and the Goodwill off Commerce Street are the most popular spots. Ale Cordero, a sophomore double-majoring in communications and marketing and a regular thrifter, shares that she thoroughly enjoys thrifting because she finds unique pieces that she can add to her closet and use to dress up her style.

“I can always count on Goodwill, but if I have time and want more variety, I go to Texas Thrift. They have a huge selection of stuff. When I go thrifting, I like to hit the shirts first, pants, dresses, jackets and shoes. I try to go through every single item because I find the best stuff is always hidden,” Cordero said.

Cordero finds herself thrifting more than regular retail shopping since it has become a habit for her, and she even shared that doesn’t see herself retail shopping in the future. Cordero has found some great pieces of clothing through thrifting, with some of her favorite items being statement pieces or a jacket that she adores.

Another student, Fernanda Garza shared that thrifting provides many benefits for her. She shared that the affordability and quality of the clothes that she purchases are great and last her a long time.

“As a college student it’s hard to always spend money on clothes but thrifting allows for me to find cute, affordable, and really good clothes. It’s also a lot of fun and I love going with my friends. I’ve been trying to be more environmentally friendly and thrifting also helps me with that process,” Garza said.