Creating a Home: Decorating Dorms

Trinity Students share their experience of personalizing their dorms with decorations and personal items.

Dorms are at the center of student life. They are the sites where students experience friendships, study sessions and independence. Something many students take pride in is taking their empty dorms and designing their own personal space to enhance their college experience.

First-year Katie Simmons lives in Albert-Herff Beze Hall (Beze), where she maintains a decorated and organized living space. With bright colors, different lighting and carts for storage, she has maximized the potential use of the area. Simmons carefully thought out what she wanted her dorm to look like before arriving at Trinity’s campus. Looking at artistic posters commissioned for bigger universities inspired her to take creative charge and design her own Trinity-inspired posters.

Katie Simmons’ Dorm Decor. (Claire Sammons)

“I wanted something cool that could go on the wall that was Trinity-themed without just being a maroon flag because that’s common. I made these posters, picked out some of Trinity’s iconic things and drew them out and put them on the posters,” Simmons said.

She also highlighted that having bright colors was an important component of her desired dorm style. After taking a tour of the dorms at the start of her Trinity journey, Simmons remembered the dorms having a darker feel to them, and wanted to make sure that her dorm would not be the same. With a white bedspread, brightly colored posters and a neon pink light, she created an open and inviting atmosphere.

Miguel Otero is a resident of Harold D. Herndon Hall (Herndon) and described the state of his dorm as “organized clutter,” as he has a variety of objects lying across his desk, yet knows where each one belongs. Along with the provided desk and bed, Otero has added a couch and TV to complete his living space.

Miguel Otero’s Dorm Decor. (Claire Sammons)

To Otero, the most important aspect of his room was functionality. “Very functional. I like having pens, paper and stuff in here but realistically enough space to put my computer down and take it off whenever I want,“ Otero said.

Verna McLean Hall (McLean) resident Lauren Moysis has very particular decorations on each wall of her half of the space. With vinyls from Half-Price Books, personal photo prints and shelves each hosting a plant, she has maximized her wall space to look the best it can be.

Lauren Moysis’ Dorm Decor (Claire Sammons)

Moysis knew that remembering her family and friends from her hometown was going to be an important part of her dorm decorating. “I wanted something to look at and remember my mom and dad and all my friends back home, and my family that’s overseas, so I … wanted something to remember them by, so I chose my favorite photos of all my favorite humans and put them up there,” Moysis said, talking about the photo collage above her bed. “I also have two stuffed animals, both are significant. My friend crocheted a panda for me and the Build-A-Bear I made with my friend.”

Each student makes the most out of the dorm space they are given. Whether it’s creating a light and inviting space, organized clutter or remembering those important to you, dorms reflect who Trinity students are and represent their journeys throughout college.