Sidewalk Symposium: When should the Christmas season start?

Now that November has begun, students discuss when they believe the Christmas season officially begins

Every year, there is the same age-old debate about when the Christmas season truly begins. Even though Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” may already be playing in Mabee Dining Hall, there seem to constantly be different ideas as to when Christmas celebrations should officially start.

The Trinitonian asked students at Coates Student Center if they think it’s about time to get into the Christmas spirit or if they prefer to get through Thanksgiving dinner first.

Lindsay McKinney (Samuel Damon)

Lindsay McKinney, first-year biochemistry and molecular biology (BCMB) major

When do you decorate for Christmas?

“I like to wait until after Thanksgiving, so around the beginning of December.”

Dennis Butts (Samuel Damon)

Dennis Butts, junior engineering science major

When do you start celebrating Christmas?

“After Thanksgiving.”

Why do you wait until after Thanksgiving?

“I feel like there are other holidays to celebrate and celebrating Christmas more than a month before is way too early.”

Andrew Crosley (Samuel Damon)

Andrew Crosley, junior finance major

When do you decorate for Christmas?

“December 1.”

Why do you wait until then?

“I have to get myself into the Christmas spirit.”

Erica Peterson (Samuel Damon)

Erica Peterson, first-year biochemistry major

When do you start getting ready for Christmas?

“I wait until after Thanksgiving.”

Why do you choose to celebrate then?

“I really like Thanksgiving, and I also love fall. Christmas reminds me of winter, so I want to stay away from winter for as long as possible.”

Vasti Sarai Rios Rios (Samuel Damon)

Vasti Sarai Rios Rios, senior computer science major

When do you get into the Christmas spirit?

“I start to sing Christmas carols before Halloween.”

Why do you start early?

“I tend to like the general vibe of Christmas and Christmas music.”