Greek Organizations on campus officially give out bids, welcoming their new members

After six months of recruitment, Bid Day has arrived and students are eager to join their newfound social communities

On Friday, Jan. 27, students gathered outside the Coates Student Center to accept their bids after choosing their preferred organization during the “preffing” period. Afterward, each student ran to their club’s designated meeting spot near the Miller Fountain and Murchison Tower. Excitement filled the air as organizations celebrated with their new member class.

The Gamma Chi Delta sorority poses with Leeroy on Bid Day. (Courtesy of Tiger Network)

John Ferretti, a first-year finance major from Dallas, Texas, shared his experience during recruitment last semester. Ferretti said that he wanted to go through recruitment when he came to Trinity because he didn’t yet know anyone and felt as though it would be a good opportunity for him to meet new people. Two fraternities in particular, the Triniteers (Teers) and Chi Delta Tau (Delts), caught his eye during the club fair and Greek kickoff festivities.

“I met friends along the way and my goal was to find a group of guys that I could see myself bonding with for the next four years. Everyone I met was super nice and welcoming. I was looking for brothers I could rely on, have fun with and grow my network with,” Ferretti said.

Cristina Garcia, a first-year intended biology major on the pre-med track from Houston, Texas, shared that recruitment was nothing like she expected it to be. Garcia emphasized that it encouraged her to try new things while also meeting so many new faces.

“I really like the long rush. Because it gives you a chance to get to know each organization,” Garcia said. “This definitely helped me narrow down which sorority I think is best for me. I have loved getting to know people through rush. I didn’t expect to meet so many different people in so many different grades and majors that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming, and it has definitely made my first semester very memorable.”

Compared to state schools, Trinity’s Greek life organizations and their recruitment processes are unique. While many Southern schools initiate in the fall, Trinity gives out bids during the second semester, which allows students more time to get to know each other and the different clubs on campus. In addition, not only are bid day festivities enjoyable for students, but also for faculty, staff and Trinity Greek life alumni who come to commemorate the thrilling event.

Members of the fraternity Kappa Kappa Delta cheer on their new members. (Courtesy of Tiger Network)

“I rushed Chi Beta Epsilon, Alpha Chi Lambda and Sigma Theta Tau,” Garcia said. “I was attracted to those three specifically because of their medium size. Out of all of the amazing [organizations] here, those three are the ones I could really see myself be a part of. I am so excited. It feels like it’s taken forever for the day to finally come. I can’t wait to celebrate with everyone.”

Bid Day celebrates newfound friendships, brotherhoods and sisterhoods as well as the creation of new bonds within the Trinity community. New doors open for students to find a smaller, closer-knit community within campus life.

New members of the Sigma Theta Tau sorority pose for pictures in Miller Fountain. (Courtesy of Tiger Network)

“The anticipation of getting a bid built up and I was so excited to finally be a part of a new brotherhood. I am really looking forward to the next few years,” Ferretti said.