Sidewalk Symposium: What’s in your backpack?

Students shared with us the contents of their backpacks – from practical to sentimental

Keeping backpack essentials while navigating through the school day is important, especially while studying, going to class and hanging out with friends. We asked students in Coates Library what they like to keep with them throughout the day on campus.

Senior Rachel Spain (Andrew Duong)

Rachel Spain, senior international studies major and linguistics, Spanish and political science triple minor

What is in your backpack?

“I carry my laptop, notebook, water bottle, pencil case, folder for everything, assignment notebook, gum, chapstick, computer charger, lip gloss, car keys, mints, hand sanitizer and blue light glasses.”

Sophomore Nina McIntyre (Andrew Duong)

Nina McIntyre, sophomore marketing and international economics major and Chinese minor

What do you like to keep in your backpack?

“I carry a planner, two Chinese textbooks, my laptop, an iPad and an iPad pencil.”

Sophomore Ella Carbonnet (Andrew Duong)

Ella Charbonnet, sophomore marketing major

What is in your backpack?

“Avocado toy, hair clip, old hotel key card, glasses, lotion, textbooks, computer, planner, calculator, wallet, pencils and pens and my AirPods.”

What’s the backstory on the old hotel key card?

“​​The old hotel key card was from when I stayed at the Westin in Dallas for a statewide SGA conference Trinity’s SGA was invited to.”

Sophomore Jose Ayla (Andrew Duong)

Jose Ayala, sophomore computer science major and creative writing minor

What is in your backpack?

“I like to keep my Macbook, notebooks, folders, planner, my journal, laptop bag, Google Pixel 4 (for my app development class), headphones, phone charger, allergy medicine and an extra pair of headphones.”

What do you like to write in your journal?

“Sometimes daily tasks, how my day went, how I am feeling. I even write about personal things happening in my life. It is my way of venting in a sense.”

Sophomore Henry Thompson (Andrew Duong)

Henry Thompson, sophomore finance and accounting double-major

What do you like to keep in your backpack?

“I keep my laptop, water, notebook, Whataburger bag, charger, books, gum, headphones and chapstick.”

Why do you have a Whataburger bag?

“I got the Whataburger bag from when they recently came on campus provided by SGA. I have it in my bag because I keep forgetting to take it out. My experience was great that day because I got free Whataburger and free Whataburger merch.”