May the odds be ever in your favor…

Students around Coates Library share their opinions on surviving the Hunger Games and their favorite characters.

With the recent prevalence of the Hunger Games fandom on TikTok and video edits being made of specific characters, people are starting to revisit the beginning of the famous trilogy. On Thursday, April 6, students were asked on a rainy afternoon in Coates Library what their experience would look like if they were placed in the Hunger Games.

Melody Adeshina, first-year business analytics technology (BAT) major and computer science minor

What items would you want your sponsor to send you?

“I would need weapons, food and some more clothes.”

What would your survival strategy be?

“I think I would definitely be playing the hiding game. It would be more of defending myself and I would kill someone out of protection. I would have the mentality that I’m always being followed.”

Who’s your favorite character?

“My favorite character is Katniss Everdeen.”

Bich-ly Nguyen, sophomore engineering major

What would your survival strategy be?

“Ideally I would want to get something from the cornucopia. But my main priority would be to run away and find a place to hide. If I went into the cornucopia I would not make it out, so I would try to find a high ground, source of water and camp out. I would not want to confront people and only would want to stay hidden.”

What district would you want to be in?

“I would like to be in District 3, the technology district. District 3 seems to be strategic, economically sufficient, and it seems like people that live there would have a decent life.”

Who is your favorite character?

“By far Cinna. He is so creative and such a great advocate for Katniss.”

Paloma Collins, first-year international business major and Spanish minor

What would you want from your sponsor?

“A gun, food, Clorox wipes and hair ties.”

What district would you want to be placed in?

“Definitely District 4. District 4 promotes fishing and I feel like I would have a very sustainable life considering they always have a supply of food.”

What would your strategy be?

“I would climb a tree and try to stay up there for a while. I would definitely be a hider and stay away from people until more people around me end up dying. I hope people forget that I exist while I’m there.”

Sage Shirley, sophomore political science and psychology double-major

What district would you want to be in?

“I think District 7. They have a lot of woodchoppers and it seems like that would give me a lot of physical strength to prepare me for when I would go into the games.”

Who is your favorite character?

“Definitely President Snow. He’s very interesting and goofy and I think he has good traits.”

Sam Carr, sophomore sociology major

What items would you like to receive from your sponsor?

“Honestly to be real, my phone. I don’t think I would last long out there, so I would just want my phone.”

What would your strategy be?

“I am a hider. If anyone tried to confront me other actions would be taken.”

Who is your favorite character?

“Peeta Mellark.”