Mabee meals, you may be missed

Students across campus share some final remarks about Aramark

As the semester comes to an end, so too does Trinity’s partnership with Aramark. The Trinitonian has covered the switch in food providers numerous times in previous articles, but this time students were asked to share their fondest memories at Mabee Dining Hall, including meals they will miss and employees they have come to love.

Cristina Garcia, first-year intended biology major, shared some of her top meal choices at Mabee this semester as well as her love for RockBot. Encountering a variety of favorite foods, tunes and good company in the dining hall, there is a lot Garcia will miss as the semester comes to a close.

“One day they had chicken-fried steak that was really good, the calzone the pizza place makes sometimes and the ice cream they just added is good. Mac and cheese is also one of my favorites, and I love Batch [101]. I also love playing music. I usually put on Lady Gaga. The best part, though, is just sitting and eating with my friends,” Garcia said.

Food service workers often go underappreciated and feel that they are not valued for the work they do. In a 2018 Trinitonian article, Mabee employees gave mixed reviews on their interactions with Trinity students and commented that some kids “think they have butlers and [are] just not courteous.” With the jobs of frontline staff being up in the air as a result of the dining transition, it is important to reflect on what they have contributed to life on campus.

Shritika Timsina, first-year intended business analytics and technology major, enjoys getting a freshly made stir-fry from Maria, a chef who works at the stir-fry station. Their interactions have become one of Timsina’s favorite parts of going to Mabee.

“My favorite thing about Mabee is the stir fry that Maria, the cook, makes. I only get the stir fry if she is there, [as] she makes the best stir fry. She always talks to me and it feels good; it’s easy to talk to her and time passes quicker. I can stand there and have a conversation with her instead of just walking away while I wait,” Timsina said.

The class of 2023 has a unique relationship with Trinity’s dining services. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have not been required to live on campus since their first year. Thus, their meals at Mabee have been far fewer in comparison to those of their peers.

Swathisri Ravi, senior biology major, is one such student. Not eating at the dining hall regularly meant that Ravi got to take advantage of Revolve and P.O.D. Express in the Center for the Sciences and Innovation (CSI). Wrapping up her final semester, Ravi reflected on the foods and staff on upper campus she will miss after graduating.

“I haven’t lived on campus since freshman year because of COVID, so I haven’t had Mabee in a really, really long time, but I will miss their oatmeal raisin cookies. I love Taco Taco, I love the chilaquiles with bacon, I love the workers there, they’re really sweet. I also like the worker at the CSI P.O.D., Cindy…she’s so sweet every time,” Ravi said.