“12 Years a Slave” and “About Time” Reviews

John Mendiola November 15, 2013

It may be surprising to some people but "12 Years A Slave" directed by Steve McQueen and "About Time" directed by Richard Curtis are two movies that are fundamentally different. Two big things that...

The Sandman Overview

John Mendiola November 15, 2013

Neil Gaiman's seminal series, "The Sandman," made a return to the newsstands this week. "The Sandman: Overture" is a mini-series set immediately before (if you disregard the time-traveling aspect of...

Review of the “Night Vale” podcast

John Mendiola November 15, 2013

Beware of this review. This review is known to leap off the pages of this propaganda-laden newspaper and attack innocent bystanders. Hooded vigilantes may be on the hunt for this review at this very moment,...

Seniors Larsen Andrews and Cade Bradshaw spent an afternoon “fishing” in the Northrup acequia to raise awareness for an upcoming O-Rec excursion. O-rec members can frequently be seen doing things in the acequia, such as riding a canoe in it earlier this year.

Photos of the Week: November 8, 2013

John Mendiola November 8, 2013

Here are the photos featured in this week's Photos of the Week section of the Trinitonian.

The empowering disability

John Mendiola November 4, 2013

Being a first-year student at Trinity University, I was terrified during my first few weeks. You see, I was born with a speech impediment. Ideas flourish in my mind, but they just don't transfer smoothly...

An increasing need for water

John Mendiola November 4, 2013

You may have noticed this summer that your favorite lake was dried up or a tree you considered an old friend is now a dead stump. These visible signs of drought are minor compared to the many problems...

Tiger football falls short of winning SCAC championship

John Mendiola November 1, 2013

The football team made two goals during the preseason, win the SCAC conference and make it to the NCAA playoffs. However, as the season winds down the Tigers have fallen short of their goals. With a .500...

Movies playing in theaters this month

John Mendiola October 27, 2013

October has always been my favorite month of the year. Situated right on the cusp of the holiday season, the weather outside finally reaches a bearable temperature for a few short weeks. All of my favorite...

Government shutdown has limited effect on students

John Mendiola October 27, 2013

With the federal government  reopened and the debt-ceiling crisis narrowly averted for at  least the next couple of months, students can rest assured that the temporary shutdown did little to disrupt...

Facemash and Trinity Confessions ruffle feathers

John Mendiola October 27, 2013

Since the beginning of the academic year, various social media sites have been growing in popularity at Trinity, with a focus on various Facebook pages. Pages such as Trinity Confessions and Overheard...

Damages to North/South Hall raise student concern

John Mendiola October 27, 2013

A string of recent vandalisms hit North and South halls, including a broken vending machine and damaged furniture. The foyer, a common area for sophomores and juniors alike, is located between the two...

Womens soccer team reaches No. 3 ranking in coaches poll

Women’s soccer team reaches No. 3 ranking in coaches poll

John Mendiola October 27, 2013

The Trinity women's soccer team has had an unbeaten season and is well on their way to their goal of winning the national championship.  Trinity has dominated conference play, outscoring opponents 65-2...

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