Features that will never make it to the iPhone

John Mendiola September 28, 2012

Disclaimer: The Cult of Apple should steer clear away from this article. I'd tell you to go find another article but that might be difficult with the new iOS6 maps. Much has been said about Apple and...

The K-pop phenomenon

John Mendiola September 21, 2012

I miss the days of boy bands and girl bands. I'm not alone in the nostalgia wallowing; the head of the Olympics decided to bring the games to London so the Spice Girls could have a reason to re-unite,...

Indie movies for the masses

John Mendiola September 14, 2012

Here at The Trinitonian, we employ various writers that are experts in various fields: I specialize in low-brow, asinine pieces written to elicit nothing but disgust. This week, I'm leaving the downhill...

Revenge of the Tigers: If Trinity became a college comedy

John Mendiola September 7, 2012

A Trinity University Police Department officer walks by my room, Room 237; he's thinking of his kids waiting for him at home, wondering why TUPD seems to be the popcorn maker of campus and if he'll finally...

The must-play video games of 2012

John Mendiola August 31, 2012

Now that school is well underway, assignments and tests pouring in like clockwork, the staff of The Trinitonian thought it would be apropos to create a list that would help facilitate your procrastination....

Apps for work and for play

John Mendiola August 24, 2012

If you're anything like me, then you should stop trying to find more apps on your smartphone to play with. But if you got a new iPad or an S3 and you just NEED to download some apps since only having Tiny...

Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne.

Author visits Trinity

John Mendiola August 24, 2012

Award-winning author S.C. Gwynne, 2012's Reading TUgether Keynote Speaker, visited Trinity University on Aug. 22 to talk with various members of the community. The author of Empire of the Summer Moon,...

Gwynne’s “Empire” details the struggles of the Comanche people

John Mendiola August 16, 2012

This year's book-first-years-won't-read book is "Empire of the Summer Moon" by S.C. Gwynne. It deals with the ever-volatile clashing of the Comanche's and Anglo-American's way of life in the 1800s. If...

The Cabin in the Woods review

“The Cabin in the Woods” review

John Mendiola April 20, 2012

If you've never seen or heard anything about this movie, stay away from any reviews or spoilers! Avoid the trailer as well!  I won't spoil anything in my review, but if you love horror movies or hate...

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