Gabbers, rappers and clubbers, oh my!

Jeff Sullivan September 19, 2015

Deep in the forests of England, swathes of dreadlocked Caucasians will hula-hoop, sway and orb their way into transcendence, thus surpassing their real-world responsibilities and realities back at home....

Pay attention to Broadly

Jeff Sullivan September 14, 2015

"Tentpole" documentaries, a name that Vice has attached to their style of immersive journalism, have been showing me stories of people's lives and experiences since I was about sixteen. While certainly...

Can we talk about this?

Jeff Sullivan August 31, 2015

How do you learn? As a student of the humanities my answer is almost always discussion. Having unthought-of ideas presented to me by friends, fellow students and professors is near paramount to my education....

Your first day and beyond

Jeff Sullivan August 24, 2015

My recollection of move-in day begins with a TUPD officer setting the waiting line of cars in motion toward the mass of jubilant bodies in maroon shirts. I watched as the seemingly chaotic swarm surrounded...

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