Memorializing Mandadi

Madelyn Gaharan November 10, 2017

Cayley's closest friends reached out with statements of love and loyalty to commemorate the life of their friend. "All I can say about Cayley is she was so inescapably herself. She loved passionately,...

Students remember victims with action.

Trinity Progressives plan gun violence vigil

Madelyn Gaharan October 11, 2017

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, the most deadly shooting in modern United States history, Trinity Progressives are matching thoughts and prayers with action as they plan a gun violence vigil. The...

Sidewalk Symposium: studying for midterms

Sidewalk Symposium: studying for midterms

Madelyn Gaharan October 11, 2017

Shravya Prahbu, sophomore: "To prepare for any exam, it's best to start prepping ahead of time, not just when midterms come around. So, just making sure you're keeping up with your readings and...

RIgodanzo and Reusch stand with Dr. Phillips at Indonesia conference. photo by Anna Rigodanzo

Long-term research duo monkeys around

Madelyn Gaharan September 28, 2017

Neuroscience major research partners Anna Rigodanzo and Ryan Reusch are making big waves in neuroscience research under the direction of Kimberley Phillips, professor of psychology. In the spring of 2016,...

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