How to just scrape by on Valentine’s Day

Megan Hageney February 8, 2013

I get it. We are college students. That means we are broke and we really do not have time or energy to squander on Valentine's Day. So here is a guide to scraping by this holiday with the bare minimum...

Texas stereotypes: fact or fiction?

Megan Hageney February 1, 2013

After studying abroad last semester in India, I have come to notice that nearly everyone had a negative reaction when I said I was from Texas and "” usually being the first person they have ever met...

Getting rid of your Bonus Bucks

Megan Hageney April 27, 2012

It is the end of the year, and if you were one of the lucky individuals who did not get stuck with the meal point plan, chances are you probably have a lot of Bonus Bucks left.  I mean A LOT of Bonus...

Making an appropriate Facebook profile

Megan Hageney April 12, 2012

Well folks, it is that time of year: the summer job search. There is a vital but often overlooked component that employers consider when hiring and that is your Facebook. Below are steps on how to make...

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