From the bookshelf of A&E

Megan Hageney February 21, 2014

By Mason Walker, A&E Columnist In the past year or so, my bookshelf has been taking me on a thrilling journey through the last decade. It is now clear to me that, with so many exhilarating and edifying...

Strong female players in the entertainment industry combat Hollywood’s senselessness

Megan Hageney January 31, 2014

Hollywood has a terrible habit of constantly reminding women about the patriarchy that is pervasive in today's society. Take for example the trending topic in recent years that women aren't funny said...

Go get some culture at monthly art events

Megan Hageney November 15, 2013

The conflation of school work and crummy weather that November has to offer influences even the best of students to avoid the real world. However, instead of escaping this month's dreariness with Netflix,...

In defense of millenials

In defense of millenials

Megan Hageney September 6, 2013

I would like to thank Joel Stein from "Times" and pretty much every member of older generations for going out of your way to tell me how awful the Millennials are. According to them, we are entitled....

Tips for meeting new people in new places

Megan Hageney April 28, 2013

When I talk to my friends who are graduating about their post-college plans, I hear time and time again about how they are scared to move to a new city where they do not know anyone. I understand this,...

Practical professor advice

Practical professor advice

Megan Hageney April 19, 2013

My father, who is one of the most brilliant men that I know, always tells me that the best way to learn in life is to ask advice from people who are getting it right. So, for this week's article, I sought...

Netflix offers fun cartoons for nostalgia, procrastinating

Megan Hageney April 12, 2013

It's that time of year again! The time when the fun events on your calendar are replaced with finals, group meetings, paper writing sessions and inevitable procrastination. While wasting time comes in...

How to cope now that Ryan Gosling is taking an acting break

Megan Hageney April 5, 2013

So when I heard that Ryan Gosling is taking a hiatus from acting, I underwent the five stages of grief. I was deep in denial, which transitioned into anger and then I bargained every single one of my possessions...

The official A&E workout regimen

Megan Hageney March 22, 2013

You know what you need to do when you almost have a heart attack just by walking up Cardiac Hill? Work out. You also know that it becomes a necessity to break a sweat when your favorite jeans are pretty...

Downtown art festival offers alternative spring break activity

Megan Hageney March 1, 2013

Common thought among Trinity students is that, San Antonio sucks because there is never anything going on "” to which I respond with a fake but Oscar-worthy sneeze and quip that I am allergic to the...

The perfect book for every mood

Megan Hageney February 22, 2013

It is easier to deal with a hardship or understand a situation when you have somebody that can relate to your experience. That somebody does not necessarily have to be real; you can find her in your local...

The Queen of Versailles is available to stream on Netflix Instant.

The best documentaries on the internet and around town

Megan Hageney February 15, 2013

I have been on a documentary kick lately. They are just so easily accessible on Netflix, and when I go out, documentaries are good alternatives to movies because they are usually cheaper and I actually...

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