The Denver Broncos will win Super Bowl XLVIII

Megan Julian January 31, 2014

Let me just preface this column by proudly proclaiming a few things/ providing you with some reasons to cheer on the Broncos this Sunday: 1. I LOVE Peyton Manning and I have an unwavering obsession. 2....

Megan Julian – A second chance, a second home

Megan Julian May 3, 2013

My Trinity experience has been different from that of most of my peers-- I never lived in the freshman quad, I didn't experience the uncomfortableness known as Playfair, I never took writing workshop or...

Megan Julian, managing editor of the Trinitonian, Laura Sandling, station director of Tiger TV and Katelyn Campbell, managing editor of the Mirage yearbook share a laugh with the guests of honor John and Alice Sheldon following a light-hearted story about the pranks Paul Jurgens used to play on his family. Photo by James Shultz.

A new perspective: 9/11 one dog and eleven years later

Megan Julian September 14, 2012

As the interview with John and Alice Sheldon, brother-in-law and sister of fallen 9/11 hero, Paul Jurgens, was coming to a close, John answered an audience member's question about finding closure and...

So, you need a new sports team to follow?

Megan Julian August 16, 2012

For most of you, going off to college means going to a new city. Which, if you're a sports fan, means moving away from the team you grew up watching. There is no need to get discouraged, though because...

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