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Prior to the arrival of of the poles, the road between the Bell center and the football field was blocked due to construction on the new Facility Services building. The poles appearance eradicated any hope the road would open to vehicular traffic again. The closure marks the beginning of an effort to make Trinitys campus more pedestrian friendly. Visit to voice your opinion about the poles in this weeks poll. Photo by Matthew Brink.

Bell Center road blocked to provide pedestrian access

Editorial Staff October 5, 2012

In one of several moves to make campus more pedestrian-friendly, facilities services blocked access to the road west of the William H. Bell Athletic  Center with bollards following completion of construction...

Midterm Midsquirm by Sarah Fulton

Staff Editorial: Voting is sexy

Editorial Staff October 5, 2012

We at the Trinitonian will be the first to tell you that keeping up with matters not related to the daily grind is difficult. If it doesn't have to do with classes, social media or work, it's off our...

President Dennis Ahlburg smiles while watching former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers speak in Laurie Auditorium on Thursday night. Photo by Aidan Kirksey.

Former chief economist breaks down candidates’ policies

Editorial Staff October 5, 2012

Lawrence H. Summers, former chief economist of the World Bank, former president of Harvard University and member of both the Clinton and Obama administrations, addressed the community at 7:30 p.m....

Tennis excels at ITA Regionals

Editorial Staff October 5, 2012

Men's and women's tennis participated in the Intercollegiate Tennis Association Regional Tournaments in San Antonio and Tyler, Texas the past two weekends. "The whole team worked hard and left their...

Statistics Soap Opera by Sarah Fulton

Staff Editorial: Think before you express yo’ self

Editorial Staff September 28, 2012

By now we hope you've realized that this week's front page of the Trinitonian is phony (hence the name the Triniphonian), and we also hope that you participated in the events celebrating the First...

Staff Editorial: Air your grievances

Staff Editorial: Air your grievances

Editorial Staff September 21, 2012

The Trintionian's status, as a student-edited press with revenue-based budgets and editors solely responsible for content, is often misunderstood but holds a special significance when it comes to being...

Roomie Blues by Sarah Fulton

Staff Editorial: Claim your education, embrace opportunities

Editorial Staff September 14, 2012

Tuesday marked the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. As noted by major news outlets, the day involved subdued ceremonies in comparison to previous years, especially last year's milestone 10th...

The Trinitonian, Sept. 12, 2001

From the Archives: The Trinitonian covers 9/11

Editorial Staff September 11, 2012

Are you curious as to what was happening on Trinity's campus 11 years ago today? Here's the special edition of The Trinitonian that the 2001-2002 editors worked late into the night to produce...

Ooh La La its CAW by Sarah Fulton.

Staff Editorial: Your move, Greeks

Editorial Staff September 7, 2012

According to the university website, roughly 27 percent of the student body is in a social Greek organization on campus, but it's safe to argue that in recent months this presence has felt larger than...

Leeroy Meets Lane by Sarah Fulton

Staff Editorial: Case leniency poses ethical questions

Editorial Staff August 31, 2012

The Student Conduct Summary Report is nothing new. In fact, its release happens every year, and every year, we at The Trinitonian report on the findings. In years past, alcohol and drug violations have...

The Joys of Registration by Sarah Fulton.

Staff Editorial: New year, new paper

Editorial Staff August 24, 2012

As you may have noticed, The Trinitonian got a makeover this summer. Everything from the print edition to the newsroom itself underwent change. In some cases, it was a long time coming (the print edition...

Better Pace Yourself by Sarah Fulton

Pack light, think heavy

Editorial Staff August 15, 2012

Welcome to campus, Class of 2016! The day is finally here. You're moving into your first college residence hall and busy preparing for what will  (we hope) be some of the best four years of your...