Days off are for rest, not extra work

Days off are for rest, not extra work

Editorial Board October 14, 2021

The word “rest” is not in a Trinity student’s vocabulary in the middle of October. Midterms hit hard, sometimes for weeks on end, and it isn’t uncommon to hear classmates almost bragging about...

Theyre our funds — so use them

They’re our funds — so use them

Editorial Board October 7, 2021

We students have money burning a hole in our theoretical pocket. Or, more accurately, the pocket of SGA in the form of our student activity funds. Every semester, undergraduate students shell out $150...

Non-academic jobs arent a last resort

Non-academic jobs aren’t a last resort

Editorial Board September 30, 2021

Being a student at a small school can be great. At Trinity, we can count on small class sizes, easy access to academic resources and our professors actually know us all by name. The size is something Trinity...

Everyones tired, and we are too

Everyone’s tired, and we are too

Editorial Board September 23, 2021

It’s not even October, but everywhere on campus, students are feeling the heavy weight of the semester. We all seem to be collectively struggling our way through the past week, carrying a burden of exams,...

Our embrace of online journalism

Our embrace of online journalism

Editorial Board September 16, 2021

In the same way that campus life is easing back into its regular operations — with pandemic-induced adjustments — so is our newsroom. After a year of remote learning and a semester of publishing online-only...

Finding strength in change

Finding strength in change

Editorial Board September 9, 2021

Many of us haven’t been on campus in months, some of us not since March 2020. Others have never set foot on campus before. What was once common ground for all Trinity students is now unfamiliar territory,...

Whats it like being an editor during COVID?

What’s it like being an editor during COVID?

Editorial Board May 1, 2021

When we first got hired to be executive editors, we had no idea that our plans to create a fantastical newsroom would be obliterated by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, it really did seem like we would...

Be intentional about kindness as the academic year closes

Be intentional about kindness as the academic year closes

Editorial Board April 26, 2021

Well, finals season is approaching us yet again. None of us are prepared for them, but like last semester and the semester before that, we’ll somehow manage to complete them. But at what cost? If you’ve...

The problem with self-care

The problem with ‘self-care’

Editorial Board, Editor-in-Chief April 21, 2021

Have you ever gotten down on yourself because you felt that you weren’t engaging in ‘self-care’ enough? For the past year, we’ve been bombarded with emails about self-care workshops, and frankly,...

Profs, its not you, its us

Profs, it’s not you, it’s us

Kayla Padilla, Editor-in-Chief April 14, 2021

On social media, many professors have shared their difficulties with getting students to engage with their course via Zoom. Many even wondered if the lack of participation was their fault; maybe they weren’t...

Stress Less Week, its pretty stressful

‘Stress Less Week,’ it’s pretty stressful

Editorial Board April 7, 2021

For those unaware, this week is “Stress Less Week.” Some would argue that trying to force relaxation, in any context, is stressful in itself, especially when there’s so much to do. For those of us...

Pessimism or self-preservation?

Pessimism or self-preservation?

Editorial Board March 24, 2021

Around this time last year, senior students were in a panic about what was to become of their graduation ceremony. One year later, it’s our turn to graduate, and it seems we can’t be bothered to inquire...

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