Get registered and get voting

Editorial Board September 30, 2020

This week is our 2020 Presidential Election Special Section. We recognize that a lot is happening in the world at the moment, and there’s a lot happening in your individual lives too. Voting, however,...

Submitting a grievance to Campus Publications

Submitting a grievance to Campus Publications

Editorial Board September 23, 2020

Have a grievance you’d like to air out? Look no further than this editorial for instructions on how to do just that! Grievances can range from concerns about diversity in our content to incorrect...

The Trinitonian grows with its readers

The Trinitonian grows with its readers

Editorial Board September 16, 2020
Addressing community concerns and striving for improvement

Are the “real world” and health compatible?

Editorial Board September 9, 2020

Health and wellness are of utmost importance right now. We as a community have talked so much about physical health that mental health often takes a backseat to our discussions about well-being. Here at...

SGA: Spring Housing Planning, Already?

Editorial Board September 3, 2020

CLIMATE CHECK Sophomore senator Donya Ahmadi started off this week’s climate check by mentioning that she witnessed a few students huddled into a corner in the library without masks. Junior Chief...

Editorial: Who Needs to Play Fair, Anyway?

Kayla Padilla September 3, 2020

Oh, great. Is every editorial going to be about COVID-19 and how we all have to be strong for one another? We’re still deciding. In the meantime, however, we understand how disconnected our community...

Editorial: Finding community in challenging times

Editorial: Finding community in challenging times

Phoebe Murphy August 26, 2020

Since its conception in 1902, the Trinitonian has brought the Trinity community weekly unbiased journalism. Countless students have contributed to our publication — writing, reporting, photographing...

The Trinitonians gone digital (for now)

The Trinitonian’s gone digital (for now)

Editorial Board March 22, 2020

Welcome to an abbreviated, digital version of the Trinitonian. When we first sat down and discussed what would go into this issue before Spring Break, we imagined it would be a short and sweet back-to-school...

You belong here (but not you)

You belong here (but not you)

Editorial Board February 27, 2020
Reflecting on Benjamin Conway's "You Belong Here" vandalism: How does administration work to make this sentiment true?
Student activity fee should be protected

Student activity fee should be protected

Editorial Board February 20, 2020

Trinity's Statement on Student Rights and Responsibilities outlines students' rights to personal expression, public expression and an uncensored student-edited press. In the part describing public expression,...

Student voices are necessary

Student voices are necessary

Editorial Board February 13, 2020

In 2013, professor of political science David Crockett wrote in to the Trinitonian about a potential change in the definition of a credit hour. Crockett mentioned a meeting at which the the Faculty Senate...

Our role as consumers of news media

Our role as consumers of news media

Editorial Board February 6, 2020
In the modern era of news journalism, we as consumers are obligated to hold news sources accountable.

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