Comic for 9/29: Kitty lovin’

Skylar Savarin, Illustrator September 28, 2023



Skylar Savarin September 15, 2023

Heated shelters built by CAT to keep the Beze Trinicats warm during the winter season

Catching up with CAT!

Cat Alliance Trinity’s First Semester as a Registered Student Organization
Lauren Roddis, Pulse Reporter November 18, 2022

The Trinity experience is not complete without the beloved cats that roam around campus, which are fondly referred to as Trinicats. Multiple stations set up around campus provide food and shelter for these...

Trinity cat by feeding station

Cat Alliance Trinity seeks to become a Registered Student Organization

RSO status would bring increased visibility to the needs of the campus cats
Emma Power, Pulse reporter February 10, 2022

Most Trinity students have heard about the Cat Alliance Trinity (CAT) at some point during their time here, whether by involvement in the 70-plus member group or through encounters with many of the 22...

One of Neales cats, Ted in the spotlight. Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

Trinity professor’s feline theater production makes it big

Carmine Villarreal September 3, 2020
Scott Neale's "Teatro Dei Gatti" demonstrates creativity during this past summer's quarantine
Keeping up with the Trinicats

Keeping up with the Trinicats

Dana Nichols March 23, 2020
While students head home until August, the Trinicats are left on campus. What is in store for Cat Alliance Trinity and the 23 felines?
Residents enjoy having pets as comfort in their dorms. photo by Amani Canada, photo editor

Living on campus with our furry friends

Bobby Watson February 22, 2018

Trinity's requirement for undergraduate students to live their first three years on campus forces most of its students to live in dorms and, more recently, the City Vista apartment complex. This has made...

illustration by Andrea Nebhut

Squirrels of Trinity are feeling unappreciated

Squirrels of Trinity February 15, 2018

Hello Trinity, it’s us, the squirrels. We haven’t talked much; however, we need to chat. We see you walking by, going about your day, in and out and in, and out; yet, rarely do you engage us; rarely,...

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