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Finding A Sense Of Normalcy Through Dressing Up

Mai Vo September 23, 2020
In quarantine, the self-expression of clothing has been somewhat lost to the monotony of sweatpants and T-shirts. Without being able to go out, with no one to impress and no reason to get dressed up, I struggled with the reality of quarantine.
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Hot looks that won’t make you melt

Dana Nichols September 12, 2019
How to maintain a cool aesthetic on Trinity's sweltering campus
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Your wardrobe reveals more than you think

Jodi Karjala September 11, 2019
Sartorial questions to ponder while you get dressed for your day
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Fashion, in and out of the closet

Logan Crews September 11, 2019
Notes on snapbacks and growing into your gender expression
Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Cut the crap!

Jolie Francis September 10, 2019
Update your ENTIRE wardrobe — using only scissors!
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The tell-tale turtleneck

Kayla Padilla September 9, 2019
The haunting of every English major's favorite clothing item
Sole-searching can be hard when you wear a size 16

Sole-searching can be hard when you wear a size 16

Kathleen Creedon September 14, 2018
Together, Christian Lee and Pyar Seth own over 200 pairs of sneakers
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