Illustration of a future 2027 yearbook, with a tiger, as well as two previous years books.

Checking in with the class of 2027

Just two weeks in, first-years talk about what they enjoy the most about Trinity.
Arial Baker, Pulse Reporter September 7, 2023

Trinity University’s acceptance rate fell to 28%, the lowest in its history, after welcoming 664 first-year students into the class of 2027. Before arriving on campus, Gaby Nieraeth, first-year intended...

First Years Putting on Theatre (FYPOT) during rehearsal.

FYPOT and the first-year experience

How First-Years Putting On Theater can help prepare first-years for life at Trinity
Madison Haxton, Arts and Entertainment Reporter September 15, 2022

This fall, first-years in First-Years Putting on Theater (FYPOT) are bringing chaos, comedy and fresh perspectives to the theater audience at Trinity. FYPOT showcases Trinity University’s eccentric side...

O-Team set up at a booth to help out new students

RAs and Orientation Team (O-Team) greet the Class of 2026

Resident Assistants and O-Team welcome first-years to campus and induct them into Trinity life
Malika Chauhan, Pulse Reporter September 1, 2022

Selected from nearly 11,500 applicants, a Trinity admissions record, the class of 2026 is an extremely diverse, motivated and well-rounded student body. The incoming class of 2026 has officially moved...

Trinity Declassified 2022

Trinity Declassified 2022

August 23, 2022          

Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

Individualist policies are the opposite of wellness

Noelle Barrera September 10, 2020
In defense of colleges' classes of 2024
Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

First-year athletes discuss delayed collegiate debuts

Gail Grady September 2, 2020
With fall sports seasons canceled, newest Tigers seek to adjust to college life
Trinitys new athletes adapt to college life

Trinity’s new athletes adapt to college life

Kelly Simmons October 3, 2018

College is full of firsts: first time being away from home, first time sharing a room and first time having unlimited access to Mabee’s chocolate chip cookies. College is a major change, and despite...

Surviving and thriving in your first semester

Surviving and thriving in your first semester

Noelle Barrera August 22, 2018
How first-years can actively work at being academically and socially successful at Trinity
Photo credit: Kaitlyn Curry

Rock your first year; learn from my mistakes

Kara Killinger August 14, 2018

Hey, opinion section! I'm Kara, an incoming junior getting ready to send in some distant thoughts from Edinburgh, Scotland, where I’ll be studying abroad this semester. But before that, I want to...

photo by Amani Canada

My Trinity family tree

Micaela Hoffman October 5, 2017

It's family weekend, which means a lot of parents are on campus "” upperclassmen flee while first-years welcome Mom and Dad into the dorms hesitantly, shoving piles of dirty clothes into the corners...

First-year students’ struggle prompts Quality Enhancement Plan

Daniel Conrad April 28, 2017

Amid rumors of an unusual number of Class of 2020 students at risk of academic probation and dismissal, university officials were unable to fulfill requests for comprehensive data on student performance...

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