Opinion: NCAA washing their hands of NIL will change the landscape of college sports

Opinion: NCAA washing their hands of NIL will change the landscape of college sports

NCAA interim policy allows student-athletes to monetize name, image and likeness
Alejandra Gerlach, Sports Reporter September 23, 2021

The crux of the NIL issue is often framed as fairness. The argument for student-athletes receiving compensation for their name, image and likeness (NIL) is that it is only fair that the athletes get paid...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Even in mourning, we have to hold others accountable

Kathleen Creedon January 30, 2020

Illustration by Andrea NebhutThis week, I’ve been thinking of Kobe Bryant’s survivor. I've been thinking about his wife, his children, his millions of fans and everyone else who is grieving...

Photo credit: Ren Rader

So you quit the sport you love. Now what?

Victoria Stringer January 23, 2020

Illustration by Ren RaderMaybe you dislocated something in your shoulder, or you landed the wrong way on your bad ankle, or you tore something in your back and need surgery or one of a million other possibilities...

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Looking back at winners in the 2010s

Brian Yancelson November 19, 2019

Illustration by Andrea NebhutIf you haven’t checked your calendar lately, it may come as a surprise that we have reached the end of the decade. While it may seem like the decade flew by, 10 years...

Former sports editor admits he doesnt actually know that much about sports

Former sports editor admits he doesn’t actually know that much about sports

Austin Davidson August 22, 2019

Illustration by Ren RaderLast week I watched a show where the main idea was to give the viewer a basic understanding of the game of cricket. The other part of the show was dedicated to showing how dominant...

The year in review

The year in review

Austin Davidson May 2, 2019

After I finish writing this column, it will be the last one I write for the sports section as its editor. While I will continue to work for the Trinitonian, I won’t be writing weekly about Trinity...

Knowing more about sports

Knowing more about sports

Austin Davidson May 1, 2019

It goes without saying that there is always more to learn about virtually any topic. I have loved reading fantasy novels all my life, but in no way have I run out of things to learn and enjoy about fantasy...

What one could do with one million dollars

What one could do with one million dollars

Austin Davidson April 10, 2019

One of my favorite songs growing up was the Barenaked Ladies song, “If I Had a Million Dollars.” In the song, the duo sings about what they would buy for each other and their significant others...

What to do with an hour of spare time

What to do with an hour of spare time

Austin Davidson April 7, 2019

Towards the beginning of my tenure as the sports editor here at the Trinitonian, I wrote an article about how little I see Trinity students at games and how greater fan participation can make going to...

The Ballon Dor, Messi and what it means to be the best

The Ballon D’or, Messi and what it means to be the best

Austin Davidson February 13, 2019

I have watched soccer since I was 13 years old. Back then, I was naive to how the this game would impact my life and how it would become one of my greatest passions. As I became more and more enthralled...

Following your team

Following your team

Austin Davidson January 22, 2019

This break I spent a lot of time watching soccer, specifically Everton, the team I support. Everton is in the British Premier League, and they have recently been giving a master class in how to be truly...

illustration by Andrea Nebhut, staff illustrator

Fantasy baseball: It’s more than a game

Saul Malek April 11, 2018

You call yourself a baseball fan, but do you really know what WOBA is? No? That’s OK. How about VORP? Didn’t think so. The average baseball fan probably isn’t spending much time mulling over advanced...

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