Various types of waste can be disposed of in these bins around campus.

EcoAllies take issue with CityVista recycling situation

Trinity’s hands-off approach to recycling leads to confusion at the school’s apartments
Monica Martinez, News Reporter November 3, 2022

Recycling bins and signage adorning the Trinity campus in residence halls and academic buildings is one way the university adheres to recycling practices. Students living in on-campus residence halls have...

Take action against climate change

Take action against climate change

Editorial Board September 22, 2019

Everyone wants to save the environment. Or at least, everyone who believes our world climate is changing wants to save the environment. We've stopped using straws. We've turned to composting and secondhand...

illustration by Julia Poage, staff illustrator

Trinity participates in annual Recyclemania

Cathy Terrace February 28, 2018

This February, Trinity University participated in Recyclemania, a national competition among college campuses to promote waste reduction held nationally. Larger schools often see the event as a competition...

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