Courtney Bosquez – Community and opportunity

Growing up in a university town, I’d like to believe that maroon has always been in my blood. And thus, accepting the opportunity to attend Trinity was nothing shy of a joyful but tearful evening around a bowl of chips at Ninfa’s Mexican Restaurant. It was there that I made the first of a series of decisions that would ultimately and so wonderfully shape the next four years of my life.

During the fall of my freshman year I decided to join in the recruitment process for one of Trinity’s local sororities. Over the course of five months, I was fortunate to meet some of the most incredible and selfless individuals who not only encouraged me, but who also challenged me to be confident in my true self. And in January, after much anticipation and careful prayer, I graciously accepted a bid for membership with the lovely women of Sigma Theta Tau, eventually serving as the 2012-13 President. The memories that I have made from day one as part of the Greek Fraternity and Sorority Life are those that may not have been made otherwise. Being a part of a group revealed that although “We may stand out, we never stand alone.”

That’s when I realized how crucial it is to surround yourself with community.

Returning from studying abroad in Florence, Italy, during the fall of my junior year, I began to sense a gradual change in myself. I not only matured, but could start to clearly define the things that I was passionate about. With a newfound global perspective, I knew in my heart that I needed to take advantage of this moment, and thus, with even more careful consideration, decided it best I end my collegiate athletic career as a member of the Trinity women’s golf team. For two fun-filled years, I had been lucky enough to check off “hole-in-one” from my bucket list during my first tournament as a freshman. My time was an experience I will never forget, but one that needed to come to an end. Several weeks later, I accepted an internship with Clear Channel Media & Entertainment in marketing and promotions, a position that would jumpstart my professional career.

It was then I realized that I should take advantage of every opportunity.

Spending a few days a week off campus in a “working” environment was such a great transition and exposure to what my future could potentially hold. It was then that I also established a working relationship with Career Services at Trinity, as they were genuinely invested in my well-being. However, among the many outstanding faculty and staff that I have met, one in particular made a profound impact: Dr. Charlene Davis. For those who have been fortunate enough to enroll in a class with “Davis,” you can understand how intentional she is with helping students pursue their career interests. She has not only served as a mentor for me, but was also the reason I chose to take that leap of faith and apply for and received my post-graduate fellowship.

So to the first years, know that your high school identity doesn’t define you. Think of this as your moment to figure out who you truly are and how you want to make a bigger impact on the world around you. To the sophomores, take advantage of this time to foster your relationships. Get to know as many people as you can, including your professors. As you get older, your main focus will be on academics and preparing for what lies ahead. To the juniors, study abroad and make sure to leave and return with an open mind. And to the seniors, to anyone I may have crossed paths with over the last four years: I am blessed beyond words for each interaction, conversation and each laugh we have shared. I owe much of my achievements to the students and staff of Trinity University”¦

And because of this, I know that choosing Trinity was the best decision I could have ever made.

Thank you to my loving family, Tommy, Stella and Kimberly Bosquez. Thank you for making our family about the things of God, for allowing me to chase my dreams and for supporting me every step of the way. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made and for being a solid rock during every season of my life. I could not have done it without you.

Courtney Bosquez is graduating with a degree in communication. She is the former president of Sigma Theta Tau and a member of Delta Epsilon Iota.