Still-single heartthrobs from the glory days

Though many of our celebrity crushes from the late 90s and early 2000s””like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel””are now taken, there are some heartthrobs still on the market.


Jesse McCartney

Though McCartney began his musical career as part of the band Dream Street, most of us truly fell in love with the singer’s beautiful soul during his solo days.

“He was really pretty and had the voice of an angel,” said Camille Reuter, a sophomore.

These days, McCartney continues to work on his music””having just released his fourth album, In Technicolor, in 2014″”but he still has plenty of time to get to know you this Valentine’s Day.


Aaron Carter

Back in 2006, Carter was engaged to Kari Ann Peniche, but broke off the engagement after only six days. Then, just last year””after Hilary Duff’s separation from her husband””he tweeted that he lost the love of his life forever. He may not have the best track record with women, but fortunately it isn’t too late to make him believe in love again.


Jeremy Sumpter

We may not know him by name, but the title character of Universal Pictures’s “Peter Pan” is unmistakable for many.

“The guy who played Peter Pan,” said Katie Payne, a junior. “He was just so adventurous and pretty. My sister and I used to photoshop a picture of him kissing Wendy where we were kissing him instead.”

This 25-year-old actor enjoys basketball and rollerblading, but he’d take time off any day to fly you to Neverland.


Matt Leblanc

“Now that everyone’s in their “Friends” frenzy, Joey’s definitely a good one,” said Aileen Domann, a sophomore.

While LeBlanc’s character, Joey Tribbiani, may be a little promiscuous, many loyal watchers of “Friends” couldn’t help but develop a soft spot for him. Now that the show is on Netflix, fans can watch Joey make mistake after mistake with women in the hopes that, this time, maybe they’ll be the one for him.


Hilary Duff

Voted the hottest teen female star of 2003, everyone was disappointed when it was announced that this “Lizzie McGuire” star would be separating from her husband.

Since her break-up, Duff spends most of her time with her son, Luca Cruz, but maybe she’ll have room for one more on Feb. 14.


Amanda Bynes

Preteens everywhere tuned in regularly to Nickelodeon’s “The Amanda Show” and “All That” before this star went off the deep end.

“It’s something about her hair and the dancing lobsters that really gets me going,” said Evan Lewis, a senior.

These days, Bynes frequently appears throughout public media due to her psychiatric troubles, but love might be the one thing to turn her life around this Valentine’s Day.


Britney Spears

Like other celebrities of her time, Spears has gone through many ups and downs in both her career and her love life. After two toxic marriages and countless boyfriends, Spears remains single in time for Valentine’s Day 2015.

Lindsey Shaw

As one of Ned’s best friends in “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide,” Shaw was another Nickelodeon favorite.

“I kept an eye out for Lindsey Shaw,” said Kyle Argueta, a sophomore. “So genuine and down-to-earth. Well, at least for a middle schooler.”