What happened to the love poem contests?

The annual Love Poem contest hosted by the campus literary magazine, the Trinity Review, will not occur this year. The Love Poem contest usually consisted of a small entry fee for each contestant which, in turn, became the cash prize for the winner. The poems were judged by a panel of professors who would determine the winner. Although many poets took advantage of this opportunity to spill feelings of unbridled love, some poets also decided to go the way of humor. Either way, attending this contest was a night filled with fun, laughter and of course Cupid.

Following the contest, the Trinity Review staff usually held an open mic night. This provided an open opportunity to anyone who wanted to share their own work with an audience. The open mic portion of the event was not limited to merely reading stories or poems aloud. Musicians were always welcome to join in the festivities.

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen conflicts, the Trinity Review has decided to forego the annual Love Poem contest in favor of a brand new event: Wine, Dine, and Bacchanine. This event will include new features that the Love Poem contest did not provide ,like wine and snacks. The event will take place the first Thursday after spring break, March 19. If you were dismayed at seemingly having nowhere to possibly win money for your poetic talent, fear not. Wine, Dine, and Bacchanine will be holding a non-themed poetry contest. This contest, similarly to the Love Poem contest, will require a $5 entry fee, but the winner will win the pot. It may not sound like much, but hey, $10 pays for Chipotle so it’s worth a shot. This new poetry contest will also prove much more flexible since the theme is not limited to love, a subject which can so easily fall to sappy imagery and cliches.

In addition, Wine, Dine, and Bacchanine will also hold an open mic night after the contest. This open mic will follow the same format as previous Trinity Review events. Wine, Dine, and Bacchanine is meant to be as entertaining as the Love Poem contest, except now it will occur at a time when students are not quite as busy. Wine, Dine, and Bacchanine would be a perfect way to spend your first Thursday evening back at Trinity.