Living off campus without a car: a look at alternative transportation

Living off campus can be hard””between figuring out the intricacies of your lease to arguing with your roommates over who has to clean dishes, the last thing you want to worry about is transportation to and from campus. If you find yourself struggling to walk 30 minutes to school every morning at 8 a.m., or if you own a 1989 Civic that constantly breaks down, here are some alternative modes of transportation to get you to class without the hassle.

Public Transportation””I feel the list would be a bit incomplete without at least mentioning San Antonio’s bus system. Sure it may take an obscene amount of time occasionally but the buses beat walking in the rain any day. Plus, you get to interact and witness the colorful characters of San Antonio’s fine public transit. What better way to spend your ride to Trinity?

Bicycles””If you are more of an active individual, then biking provides great exercise and an effective way to get to and from campus. San Antonio’s roads may be full of potholes and without a bike lane you’ll be forced to share the road with rage-filled pickup truck drivers, biking can get you to campus without much problem. Even without a bicycle of your own just borrow a friend’s or use a B-cycle. They are all over the city and should be coming to Trinity soon (I’m looking at you SGA), which, on days without a car, could provide an easy alternative.

Skateboarding””As an avid, although admittedly average, longboarder myself, skating provides a similar method to biking. Hated by bikers and drivers alike, skateboarders have the benefit of flexibility. Are bikers yelling at you to get out of the bike lane? Simply get on the sidewalk. Are walkers yelling at you to get off the sidewalk? Simply cruise down the road. Plus, unlike a bike, you don’t have to worry about your board being stolen. Simply carry it with you at all times and stow it under your desk for the rest of the class to trip over. A word of caution: if you have never skated before, don’t try longboarding to class for the first time down a busy road. Do yourself a favor and spend some time practicing.

Carpooling””If you live with a roommate or building-mate who owns a car, simply ask to tag along with them. Their schedule may force you to sit in Coates for two hours before your classes, and their driving skills may require writing a will every morning, it doesn’t require the investment of money for a bike, or the investment of time in learning to skate. Just be happy your carpooling buddies let you use the auxillary cord for half the ride.

Walking””Finally, walking offers a good alternative without a car. Albeit a bit slower than the other options (although arguably not the buses), walking provides great cardio and allows you to experience the Texas experience. Whether it’s snowing or over 100 degrees, walking remains the most used mode of transportation across the world.