Everything you need to know about Spotlight

Trinity students will be showcasing their talent once again at this year’s annual Spotlight talent show hosted by the Student Programming Board.

Auditions for Spotlight were held last month for all Trinity students who wanted to perform a group or solo act in this year’s competition.

“Spotlight is interesting because, unlike Trinity Idol or Momentum, it’s just based on entertainment and can have different types of acts,” said sophomore Devina Kumar, traditions chair of SPB.

This year’s show will have performances by singers, bands, musicians, acapella groups and dancers. There will be 13 acts competing for first, second and third place trophies.

“It’s always wonderful to see your peers perform,” Kumar said. “You never knew that the person sitting next to you in math class helping you with problems is, like, a fantastic singer.”

Senior Victor Vo will be performing in Spotlight this year with his band the Daytrippers. Seniors Mason Walker and Reagan Wilkins are also members of the band. They have been performing in Spotlight together for the past three years.

“It’s really awesome to be a part of Spotlight because it’s a big deal,” Vo said. “It’s also fun to contribute to entertaining everybody””that’s the main thing. I think Spotlight has the biggest audience, so we have the opportunity to impact more people with our performance, even though it’s just one song.”

In addition to the acts that will be competing, there will be three exhibition acts to entertain audience-members while the judges score participants. The exhibition acts will include performances by the members of Omega Phi and Alpha Chi Lambda, as well as stand-up comedy by senior Chris Williams.

Every year, Spotlight is held during Spring Family Weekend.

“It’s nice when families can see what’s happening on Trinity’s campus,” Kumar said. “Parents are going to like seeing their kids perform, and it’s a pretty family- friendly environment.”

There will also be free long-sleeved T-shirts for participants and for the first 150 people to arrive. The shirts will reflect this year’s indie-hipster theme.

“Spotlight really shows the diversity of Trinity,” Vo said. “We all have our different talents and interests, and performing in Spotlight is a great way to show that.”

First year Francis Hurtado, assistant traditions chair of SPB, has been helping Kumar plan Spotlight this year.

“I feel like all colleges should have something like this because it’s a great opportunity for people to demonstrate their talent,” Hurtado said. “Some people aren’t in groups that perform a lot like the Trinitones or the Acabellas and just want to show their talent, and Spotlight is a great way to do that.”

Spotlight will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 28, in Laurie Auditorium. Doors open at 7 p.m.