Student cannot get out of Oceanography

Spring of my freshman year, I enrolled in “Oceanography.” I was young and innocent and I wanted to knock some of the science section of the Common Curriculum out of the way. I thought “Oceanography” would be a fun, easy way to do that.

It’s been three years, and I am still enrolled in “Oceanography.” I have tried many, many times to get out of this class, but every semester I still find myself here. I’ve tried everything. I’ve talked to the professors, I’ve talked to the registrar, but for some reason TigerPaws keeps enrolling me in every available section of this course. I’d like to take something else for a change.

I have tried countless times to drop this class, but to no avail, because every time I drop the class, TigerPaws just adds it back again. Nothing works. I tried looking into it, and it turns out that TigerPaws has enrolled me in this course almost 17 times per semester.

Nobody will even talk to me anymore because this stupid glitch is preventing other students from getting the Common Curriculum credits they so desperately need. Next year will be my last year at Trinity. I’d like to take something different for a change, you know? Something that has absolutely nothing to do with the ocean, or with water for that matter. But I can’t.

I have been stuck in “Oceanography” for almost three years, and I can’t stand it anymore.

I used to love the ocean. I used to enjoy going to the ocean and things concerning the ocean.  I used to think the ocean was wonderful. Now, I can’t even look at the ocean without wanting to cry. I can’t escape it. I’m trapped. I want my last year at Trinity to be a memorable, “Oceanography”-free year, but I know this wish will not come true. But know this: I would do anything, ANYTHING, to get out of “Oceanography. “

Somebody help me.