Trinity intramural teams crowned champions


Flag football and sand volleyball champions have been crowned for this semester.

The winners of the co-rec league were the Gamcers, which consisted of team members from the Gamma Chi Delta sorority and the Lancer fraternity.

Their championship match came with a win over the Porcupines in the final game.

“It’s never easy to play a team of good friends because they work so well together as a unit,” said senior Kristy Hamilton. “Also, you definitely don’t want to mess with Gabbie Roe when she puts her game face on.”

Their win came with a $100 gift card to Bays, as well as Intramural Champs t-shirts.

The women’s league champions were Trinity’s own women’s basketball team.

“We decided to play Intramurals last year during practice one day,” said senior Elizabeth Balido. “Our coaches love to have us run routes as a way to warm up for practice and we realized that a lot of us were really good receivers so we did it.”

With the help of their coaches, they trained hard enough to win the championship.

The women’s basketball team had to face Trinity’s tennis team in the championship round.

“They were aggressive and had the desire to win more than other teams we play,” Balido said. “Their defense was great but in the end our offense won out.”

Having a sports team enter intramurals is not uncommon at Trinity. Some coaches encourage it as it builds team bonding and allows the team to have fun outside of their own sport.

“It definitely strengthened our team chemistry because we just went out there and played our hardest and really supported each other through it,” Balido said. “It was nice to get out of our typical routine and play a different sport.”

Along with flag football wrapping up, the sand volleyball champions were also crowned.

The “That’s What She Set” team took home the championship for this semester: a team consisting of a group of friends who just love to play volleyball together.

“Our biggest competition was the team we played in semifinals since the two guys on that team play club volleyball and they knew what they were doing,” said junior Andrea Zavala.

It takes more than just skill to win the tournament. A team must consist of hard workers who are able to communicate well, and being a group of friends, they obviously did that well.

“We decided to play Intramurals because we thought it would be fun to have games every week with other groups of friends or just groups on campus,” Zavala said. “We also wanted to win the IM shirt.”

The next round of Intramurals include dodgeball and indoor soccer.

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