Welcome to the Trini-Vogue-ian


As the leaves begin to change and the weather turns cooler, something incredible begins to happen across the world. In the great fashion capitals of the world “” New York, London, Milan and Paris “” fashion designers showcase their newest designs. At the same time, Vogue, one of the leading publications of the fashion world, puts out their September issue, their biggest and arguably most important issue of each year.

This year the Trinitonian is joining the ranks of great fashion publications with our Fashion Week special section. As a publication, this is a new one for us. As far as we know, this publication has never dedicated an entire section to the fashion and style of Trinity’s campus. To me this seems silly. Trinity is home to some incredibly fashionable faculty and students. Where better to showcase that style than in the pages of the Trinitonian?

Within the pages of this special section you’ll find stories about the way Trinity students and faculty are impacted by fashion and style. You can read about a student who wore the same outfit for a week to improve her productivity and hear the perspective of two students who dress outside of the gender binary. You can get the perspective of some of Trinity’s most fashion-forward professors and read one student’s journey of self discovery through clothing. You can see a photo gallery of students styled in this season’s hottest trends and a photo gallery of fashions from days past. All of these stories and photos help illustrate the importance fashion plays in the lives of so many in the Trinity community.

For so many people, fashion is more than just pieces of fabric that they put on their bodies. Fashion can be a creative outlet, with outfits serving as entire art pieces. Fashion can be political. You can chose to only shop from ethical fashion brands or shop in resale shops to lower your carbon footprint. For some, fashion is their entire identity; it is the first thing that the outside world sees of their inside views of themselves. Fashion is never just material. It helps us express ourselves to the world in countless ways.

Now, as the great Miranda Priestly, Editor-in-Chief of the fictional Runway magazine, once said, “That’s all.”

Alexandra Uri

Managing Editor