Jordan’s Declassified Weekend Survival Guide


There’s no right way to have fun on campus, despite what movies or television shows may depict. I’ve never enjoyed the party scene, so over the past two-and-a-half semesters I’ve come up with some other enjoyable activities that don’t involve parties.


It may seem boring initially, but getting stuff done around your room can be one of the best ways to spend your night. Cleaning your room serves not only as a great way to procrastinate that pesky paper for your English class, but also to improve productivity. Studies show that removing clutter can actually make you more focused on the task at hand. So why not cleanse your pencil cup one evening? Maybe you’ll finish that math assignment on time.


If the rest of your hall is out having a fun night off-campus, you know what becomes available in spades? Parking spots. Seize this prime opportunity to get that perfect spot right next to the door and you’ll be much happier the next time it rains but you need to get formal clothes from Goodwill for an event starting in two hours — trust me, I’ve been there.


Not all learning has to happen in the classroom; some of the most relevant skills in today’s world can be accessed right from your computer or phone. For an educational Friday night, try logging into You can watch video courses on web design, statistics and everything in between — all for free (with a $60,000 yearly purchase, of course). These are practical and valuable skills that would cost hundreds of dollars to get later, and let’s face it — would you really do actual homework in that time?


Speaking of Trinity-provided services, Philo is another great option for a relaxing night in. Make an account at and set your favorite shows to record the next time they air. You’ll have a great backlog of things to watch just a few days later. And the best part? No ads. Just skip them in your recording, and you can compress more content into less time. My personal favorites: “Survivor” (CBS), “Madam Secretary” (CBS), “This is Us” (NBC) and “The Good Doctor” (ABC).

In short, you’ve got options. So one weekend, give it a shot — maybe you’ll discover a new passion for programming in Python or a previously-suppressed need for cleanliness. Whatever it may be, try a weekend without the stereotypical definition of college fun. I’ve always felt more productive after a good hard weekend of cleaning and procrastination.