Where should I take my date in San Antonio?


Illustration by Andrea Nebhut

My girlfriend doesn’t live in San Antonio but comes to visit every week or so. What are some good date-night spots near campus that aren’t too expensive are but somewhat unique? —Morgan

Dear Morgan,

While there are certainly neat spots around San Antonio to take your partner to, I encourage you to think outside of a particular “place” or business. I find that dates shaped by your perception of the relationship, and not a business’s perception of your relationship, is the best way to ensure a great date. A lot of San Antonio “date night” spots are gentrified, unoriginal and don’t have the personal touch that only you can add. So, here are ideas that require knowing your partner and deriving a date idea from your heart.


Writing poetry for each other is a good date on its own, but I encourage you to go further. There are plenty of “Why I Love You” journals that have pages like, “My favorite thing about you is…” or “a song that reminds me of you is…” However, it’s more meaningful if you buy a blank journal and create your own “why I love you” pages. Once more, while there is value in deriving romance from others perception of love, ultimately, what speaks to your heart is best. Play some music, work on your journal and work away as you lose yourself in the eyes of your partner.


Does your partner speak a native language that isn’t English? There’s nothing more exciting than learning a new language and taking it seriously. Writing for your partner, calling them endearing names and communicating with their family can be much more meaningful when you understand the language that is integral to their identity. You can practice their native language together, or even learn one that is new to both of you! Knowing more languages just means you have more ways to express your love.


Of course, in your eyes, nothing will ever be as pretty, reflective or intricate as your partner, but it’s worth seeing the runners-up. Art museums are great places to spend reflective time together. I do encourage you, however, to journey to a museum outside of San Antonio and turn it into a roadtrip. On your way there, be sure to check out the points of interest along the way to enrich your experience. The world is too large and our time too little.


A night well spent is one where you and your partner nearly melt as the music sweeps you away into a cloud of pure bliss. These musicians have put countless years of practice into their work; they are displaying a part of themselves that requires vulnerability. An environment that encourages vulnerability and, in fact, normalizes it is an environment where romance can and will flourish.


I could babble on all day about what I believe is a good date for your partner, but ultimately, it’s about what you believe is a good date for the both of you. Take time to reflect on what your partner loves in a date, and combine that with something out of the ordinary. End the day with something casual, like watching their favorite film after dinner. Love can be simple, it can be honest, and with your imagination, it can be an experience that feels like the dream you always knew it could become. I hope you continue to push the boundaries of love!

Love, Kayla