Check out your Halloween horror-scope


Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Illustrations by Andrea Nebhut

Aries: Superhero

Does it not get exhausting being a fire sign always filled with fire? Have you ever taken a day off? You’re too energetic, maybe flying it out would help.

Taurus: Celebrity

It’s pretty easy to pull off an Ariana Grande look these days. You appreciate good looks, and your Instagram feed is filled with many celebrity styles to take inspiration from.

Gemini: Fandom costume

You’re an all-in type of person. Your extraness could be either very good or very bad. Use it this Halloween to go all out for your favorite fandom. Don’t go broke trying to buy an Emma Watson signed wand off of eBay, though.

Cancer: Wednesday Addams

You’re quirky, but it’s natural. You appear tough to the world, but in the end, your family and friends are what is most important to you.

Leo: A Disney princess

You take pride in being basic, and you can work it anyway! You’re strong and self-confident and lead the way for new trends. Bring basic back!

Virgo: Vampire

Over-analytical, cunning, organized. Am I describing you, Virgo, or a vampire? Your casket is your home and you’ve decorated it well. Stay away from garlic this Halloween.

Libra: E-girl/e-boy

We get it, you’re edgy! How long did it take for you to decide on this costume, though? Maybe next time you should be a coin, so you can easily flip and make your own decisions.

Scorpio: Witch (or wizard)

Your overconfidence is showing, Scorpio. Witches and wizards are hot enough without even trying, and reflect your personality perfectly.

Sagittarius: Nerd

Honestly, do you even need to buy a costume for this? You overthink everything, but at least you don’t have to overthink deciding this costume.

Capricorn: Doctor

Trying thinking out of the box for once, Capricorn. Everyone is tired of seeing you wear black all the time. Do you even have time to think of a costume? We all know you’re going to run to the store the day of to throw something together.

Aquarius: Obscure TV/movie reference

Not everyone has watched that one TV show you found while flipping channels when you were 6. Do you get pleasure in confusing people, Aquarius? You come alive the most during Halloween, so make sure you have a speech ready explaining who you are.

Pisces: Latest viral meme

Yes, Pisces, we have ALL seen that one Vine. There’s something about you needing everyone to know you’ve seen the latest memes. You’re emotionally connected with the times, and all the popular Vines are as complicated as you are.