Look for your Valen-sign in the stars


Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Illustrations by Andrea Nebhut

Aries: Spa day

If anyone knows the definition of treat yourself, it’s an Aries. This fire sign is competitive, independent and has no problem putting themselves first. You deserve a break from the craziness that life is throwing at you, and there’s not a more ideal self-care day than a spa day.

Taurus: Art or cooking class

Taurus’ love seeing physical results and being showered in rewards. Sensitive and sweet, they love an activity that is personal and intimate but still enjoyable. Indulge yourself with the gift of learning something new by going to a class that lets you leave with something you made yourself.

Gemini: Go for a hike

A Gemini is impulsive, indecisive and always surprising. Take some time this year to go out and be one with nature. Keep driving and discover a place you’ve never been to before. If you have a partner, make it a date and spend the time getting to know them better, or just yourself.

Cancer: Write valentines to everyone you know

Cancers are busy on this day, as it is one of the most iconic holidays. Lock yourself in your room and write a love letter to everyone you’ve ever met. From your favorite cashier to your current partner, you want everyone to know how much you care about them.

Leo: Galentine’s Day Brunch

Friendship means the most to a Leo, and they want to surround themselves with as many people they love at once. Get your best friends and go out for brunch or happy hour, and celebrate with your partner after, or the next day. This is the day for friendship first.

Virgo: Camp out in a hotel room for a night

Virgos are grounded and rarely splurge on themselves, but love a (safe) adventure. Get a hotel room for the night a few miles away, and decorate it with Dollar Tree Valentine’s decorations. It technically is a night away from home, but it’s still a safe and sound getaway, and there’s something different about sleeping in a hotel bed.

Libra: Staying in bed all day

The inability to pick an ideal way to spend this Hallmark holiday eventually leads to a fun day not leaving the bed. Stop thinking about your to-do list, order some Postmates, turn on Netflix and just relax for once. You deserve it.

Scorpio: Anti-Valentine’s day party

A water sign that is in tune with themselves and what they want. Whether you’re just doing stereotypical Valentine’s day celebrations “ironically” or you’re throwing a “love is dead”-themed party in your dorm, going against the grain is the best way to get a Scorpio excited.

Sagittarius: Escape Room

A fiery sign, a Sagittarius can never sit still, especially on Valentine’s day. Something always needs to be done. Take an hour out of your day and give yourself something to do by putting yourself in an escape room.

Capricorn: Museum

Museum trips are not as boring as you would think, but a Capricorn would already know that. Explore art, go on a date to the DoSeum or even the Alamo history museum. SAMA is also hosting a Galentine’s Art Party (the last Art Party ever!).

Aquarius: Alone

Being out on the town when literally every other couple is also out can be too overwhelming. Go out with your partner a different day, and celebrate Valentine’s day with your first love: yourself. Valentine’s Day may fall in Aquarius season, but that doesn’t mean you do. Being alone doesn’t have to be a bad thing!

Pisces: Stereotypical Valentine’s Day celebration

The fish sign does not want to swim alone on the one holiday a year you’re supposed to spend with someone else. Indulge on all things stereotypical on Valentine’s Day, even if you’re alone. Get your reservations at a fancy restaurant, buy chocolates and flowers and go crazy at the Valentine’s day aisle at H-E-B.