The best and worst of Trinity dorms

Students share memorable dorm room experiences

Trinity dorm rooms can be a disaster zone or a safe haven, depending on who you ask. Previously, the Trinitonian has reported on topics ranging from how students decorate their space to how their dorms’ mold has affected their physical health. Our residence halls have seen it all, and with that so have Trinity students. This time, the Trinitonian has consulted the student body regarding their own dorm tales, including their best and worst moments.

Paola Haro, first-year political science major and art minor, warmly recalled her first week at Trinity in the Witt-Winn Residence Hall. She turned an inconvenient habit into an opportunity to make lasting friendships.

“My first week at Trinity, I kept locking myself out of my own room so I forced myself to become friends with my wall mates so that I could get into my room and stop calling TUPD. My wall mates are super nice people, one of them was also there with me for the summer bridge program so that was a bonus. Now, we’re super close, she’s super chill and her friends are super nice too, and I enjoy hanging out with them,” Haro said.

Jenna Harvey, sophomore mathematical finance major, shared a recent hilarity that occurred in her dorm room. To assist some of her first-year friends in deciding where to live next semester, Harvey allowed them to tour her dorm room.

“We had a bunch of [first-year] guys come over to our room to look at Prassel and see if they wanted to pick it, and they all were like ‘let’s see if all four of us can fit in the shower’ so four men–four [first-year] men–were in our shower,” Harvey said. “I don’t know why that was a deciding factor for them, but they all actually fit so I think we sold them on Prassel.”

Bailey Silverman, first-year political science and psychology double-major, recounted a not-so-graceful way to deal with uncourteous neighbors. As Witt-Winn is known for “walls so thin you can hear the heartbeat of the person three doors down from you,” Silverman was plagued with the task of having to deal with loud, blaring music down the hall. She and her roommate engineered a creative way of asking their hall-mates to keep it down.

“At the beginning of the year, there were football players being very loud on the bottom floor of Witt-Winn and it was very, very late at night. Me and my roommate were trying to go to sleep, however, the football players would not be quiet,” Silverman said. “So, we decided to take the situation into our own hands and we used my roommate’s speaker to blast the song Shut Up by Ariana Grande at twice the volume the football players were playing their music. Once we finished blasting the song, it was quiet and then it wasn’t loud on the bottom floor of Witt-Winn for a pretty long time, so I think our methods were effective.”

Madison Haxton, sophomore communications major, detailed a time she let her impulsive thoughts get the best of her. Her roommate was using a brick to hold their balcony door open when Haxton wondered what would happen if they were to microwave it.

“We were using a brick to hold the porch door open and I looked at the brick and I was like ‘Dude, what if we microwaved it?’ and there wasn’t really any reply so I took that as a yes. I took the brick and put it in the microwave and then my suitemate came over and we all just stood around the microwave watching it go for a solid two minutes. I thought it would explode or break the microwave or something but it didn’t and that was kind of disappointing,” Haxton said.