Must-see summer movies

Sara Marchionda April 28, 2013

With the release of movies like "Oblivion," it is obvious that the cinema slump is coming to an end and the summer movie season is quickly approaching.  Here are some movies to look forward to once...

In for the long haul: tips for surviving extra-lengthy assignments

Sara Marchionda April 19, 2013

I'll be honest.  Although I admit I am a chronic procrastinator and often tend to ignore my own advice, I am a senior and have huge long-term assignments in two of the classes for my major this semester....

Dorm Gardening 101

Sara Marchionda April 12, 2013

Every year I've been at Trinity, I've had at least one plant.  Perhaps the oxygen emissions help my brain function better.  Maybe it improves the feng shui or makes my living space more aesthetically...

Don’t sweat it: places to cool off in and around San Antonio

Sara Marchionda April 5, 2013

Everything is getting green, flowers are blooming, the bees and mosquitoes have returned and people are starting to get their tan on.  You know what that means"¦it's springtime, and summer is right around...

The Witte’s “Dinosaurs Unearthed” great for children, not so much for college students

Sara Marchionda March 22, 2013

From the stegosaurus to the gigantoraptor, the "Dinosaurs Unearthed" exhibit, which opened on Feb. 23 and will remain open until Sept. 2 this year at the Witte Museum, features models of many dinosaurs,...

Things that everyone must know before leaving college

Sara Marchionda March 1, 2013

Before you graduate, there are many things you should know before you truly go out on your own and get a "real" job.  You might think, "I am on my own." But you're not.  I would venture to guess...

Dining on a diet: San Antonio meatless and gluten-free cuisine

Sara Marchionda February 22, 2013

With barbeque, steaks and Tex-Mex galore, it may seem like a difficult task to find good places to eat that have something suitable on the menu for your dietary requirements.  After all, it would be quite...

Celebrity Sighting: San Antonio’s stars

Sara Marchionda February 15, 2013

Although you may not immediately think of San Antonio as a place where movie stars and celebrities are born, there is quite a list of rich and famous people from our city.  After all, this city is so...

Photo illustration by Carly Cowen.

Last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Sara Marchionda February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day is coming up fast, and it's too late to order something online without outrageous expedited shipping costs. What can you do? You simply must find something for your special someone...

Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date around San Antonio

Sara Marchionda February 1, 2013

Wondering where to take your special someone for Valentine's Day? Wanting to finally ask that person you've had an eye on to be your "valentine?" Or are you in need of someplace fun to go with your long-term...

Martin Freeman stars in The Hobbit. Photo courtesy of New Line Cinema.

Winter films that will leave you with chills

Sara Marchionda November 30, 2012

After being home for the holidays for a few days, you get sick of your parents and an excuse to get out of the house is always welcome.  It's great to have no class, but you need to escape the confines...

Procastination nation: websites that deserve your divided attention

Sara Marchionda November 16, 2012

As the academic workload reaches its peak this semester, effective procrastination techniques are vital to maintain sanity and chill out.  Before the looming due dates of your projects and papers and...

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